Bids and RFPs

The procedures for submitting bids to Purchasing and to CIP/Engineering are different. Be sure to submit your bid to the correct department, as they will not be forwarded if submitted incorrectly.


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If you are unable to view or print these documents, contact Purchasing at (972) 721-2631 to request a copy. Any questions concerning the specifications may be directed to the contact person or persons listed on the first page of the specifications. If specifications are not available electronically, a "Letter of Interest" with instructions on how to obtain the specifications and plans is available in lieu of the specifications.

All responses, unless otherwise designated, will be accepted until 3 p.m. on the due date specified on the first page of the specifications at the address below.

City of Irving
Purchasing Division
845 W. Irving Boulevard
PO Box 152288
Irving, TX 75015-2288

Purchasing will open all bids/proposals, unless otherwise designated, at the same location at 3 p.m. on the due date. It is the vendor's responsibility to check this website prior to submitting a bid or proposal in case an addendum is issued.