Irving's Cashless Buy Back Program 


To encourage recycling, organizations are given the opportunity to earn revenue. This money is generated through the sale of recyclables at the full service recycling drop-off centers as part of Irving's "Cashless Buy Back" Program. 

To receive money, the following qualifications must be met: 

1.  Must bring in a minimum of the following:

  • Aluminum cans - three pounds (approximately 90 cans)
  • Steel food cans - 10 pounds (approximately 75 cans)
  • Non-ferrous metals - two pounds

2.  All of the Full Service drop-off recycling centers have been designated as "Cashless Buy Back" locations.

All organizations registered with Resource Rescue Inc. (RRI), Irving's drop-off operator, to participate in the Cashless Buy Back Program are weighed and a ticket is issued. Payment is made by RRI to participating organizations on a monthly basis. Prices and materials accepted for payment fluctuate based on changes in the recycling market. Materials that weigh less than these minimums will not qualify as part of the buy back program, but can still be left for recycling. To register your organization, call Resource Rescue at (214) 637-3873.