Roll-Off Container Uses & Rental Tips

When would you use a roll-off container?
Typically, a roll-off container would be used for waste from building construction, such as rocks, brick, broken concrete, lumber, building materials, or other trash resulting  from construction or major remodeling or resulting from a general cleanup of vacant or improved property.

Suggested roll-off uses:

(recommended 12 or 20 yard roll-off)

  • home remodeling projects
  • neighborhood clean up
  • large landscaping jobs
  • move in/move out
  • spring cleaning
  • residential demolition

(recommended 20 or 30 yard roll-off)

  • office remodel
  • store front build-out
  • commercial demolition
  • construction projects 

Roll-Off Container Rental Tips:

  • A service agreement is required.
  • Fees are applicable.
  • Roll-Off trucks must have 50 feet of straight clear access to approach and engage the container.
  • All container sites must have minimum height clearance of 25 feet.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide an accessible location for the container.
  • Customers will assume responsibility for damage to or loss of the rented container(s).