Street Operations


To provide quality service relating to the maintenance of the city's infrastructure, improving the quality of life for citizens through timely response, and recognition of present and future needs.

The Street Operations is responsible for maintaining and preserving city streets which is achieved through:

  • Periodic inspections
  • Street sweeping
  • The roadside drainage maintenance program
  • Graffiti removal (on public and private property)

The main office number is (972) 721-2201

A new hot line has been implemented to help reduce potholes throughout the city. The Pothole Hot Line allows residents to communicate the location of potholes in the city so that staff can address them within 24 business hours. The pothole reporting number—(972) 721-7303—is displayed on city asphalt patch trucks. Callers will hear a recording requesting the pothole location, date and time of call. The voice mail will be checked throughout the day and communicated to repair crews. 

Pothole Hot Line (972) 721-7303