Environmental Compliance

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Environmental Compliance provides leadership in protecting and improving the quality of water within the Irving’s watershed. We manage programs designed to identify significant long-term water quality trends, characterize watershed conditions, support the permitting process, and enforce environmental non compliance on water related issues. Irving’s Environmental Compliance Section conducts comprehensive water quality monitoring, analysis, and data management to provide information on environmental conditions as well as to support our state regulated programs.

As a leader in water quality management, Irving strives to implement water quality protection standards and practices for its facilities and projects and, at a minimum, to maintain and implement State and Federal water quality standards. Water Utilities implements innovative and effective actions designed to provide excellent water quality, and achieve high environmental leadership goals.

Irving’s role as a water quality leader is to ensure the highest level of environmental protection for the for the Irving community. Our staff participates in activities and events and serves on committees to facilitate the protection, improvement, and good stewardship of watersheds in North Central Texas.

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