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Permit type definitions
  • Electrical permit: clean and show: temporary power to clean/show building; no tenant and no electrical work.
  • Electrical permit: utility release: no electrical work, no c/o needed, used only when Oncor needs a release from the city.
  • Plumbing permit: apartment maintenance worker: no work allowed on gas system or gas water heater replacement.
  • Plumbing permit: on-site utility permit: required for new utility (domestic/water storm/sanitary sewer/gas) not located in easements or right-of-way. Not for underground piping or fire protection water (hydrants/sprinklers).

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Attention Electrical:

You must establish your account with your electric provider within 20 days of the release in order to have your power turned on. Otherwise, you may need to obtain another permit and inspection.
I hereby certify that I have read and examined this application and know the same to be true and correct. This permit is issued on the basis of information furnished herein and is subject to property restrictions, provisions of the electrical, plumbing, fuel gas, mechanical and/or building codes, and all other governing ordinances.
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