Law Enforcement Explorers

The Irving Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer Post #252, chartered since October 1974, is a program designed for young people between the ages of 14 and 20 years of age who have an interest in law enforcement as a possible career.

Eligibility Requirements

To become an explorer, the young person must be in high school and passing all subjects. They go through a process similar to what a police officer goes through to get hired. They fill out an extensive application and go through a complete background check. If they are driving, their driving record is checked as well and they must pass an interview board made up of current explorers and police officers.

Overview and Benefits

The program is designed to give young people a good overview of law enforcement so they can decide if police work is for them. It is also a resource for the Police Department in its recruiting effort. There are several officers and jailers currently working for Irving who are former law enforcement explorers. Several other Metroplex cities are also benefiting from our program, as they have hired several of our former explorers as police officers and jailers.


These young people receive training in several different aspects of police work. They are also given an opportunity to put this knowledge to work by participating in regional, state and national competitions.

Some areas of in which they receive training includes accident investigation, traffic stops, crime scene search, drug warrant arrests, domestic violence, hostage negotiations, burglary in progress calls, and other areas of law enforcement activity.

Program Opportunities and Experiences

Our explorers are given the opportunity to ride with experienced police officers to see exactly what happens during an officer's tour of duty. While riding with the officer, the explorer has a chance to see how the training they received is put to work in "real life."

Not only do the explorers receive training in law enforcement, they are also permitted to work with the officers assigned to the different divisions within the Police Department. Some of the more popular areas that explorers work are: Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.), I.D. (crime scene technicians), Communications, and of course Patrol, where they ride with the officer on the street.

Community Involvement

The explorers are involved in many community events as well. They participate in bike rodeos, safety fairs, and many other worthwhile activities. Most explorers are also involved in school, church, and other civic activities.

If Interested

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Irving Explorer Post, please contact one of the School Resource Officers at any of the middle or high schools in our city.