The PRIDE Program

The Positive Role Models In Drug Education (PRIDE) Program is Irving's anti-drug program for young people. It was organized in 1989 by a committee composed of educators, police officers, citizens, and business leaders. It was implemented in the 1990-91 school year as a joint project of the Irving Police Department and the Irving Independent School District. PRIDE is currently in 21 public elementary schools in three different school districts within Irving.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the PRIDE program are:

  • To empower, through education, the young people of Irving with the information they need to make correct and positive decisions about drugs, gangs, peer pressure, and other issues confronting them in today's society
  • To provide the young people of Irving an additional resource they can rely on when making these decisions - a police employee they know personally
  • To improve the image of the Irving Police Department in the eyes of students and the community as a whole

We believe school-based prevention programs must provide students with knowledge, skills, and experience which will greatly enhance their ability to make healthy choices about drugs, not only while they are in school, but later in life as well.

The PRIDE program teaches students that the only healthy, acceptable, no-risk decision about the use of alcohol and drugs for school-age young people to make for themselves is to not use at all!

Focus on Improving

We are constantly striving to improve the PRIDE program. Our goal is to have the most effective drug awareness program possible. We seek input from all areas of the community because it takes each of us to provide the appropriate environment in which our children can grow up and become productive members of the community.

Should you have suggestions, comments, or would like to assist in the funding of this excellent program contact the Community Services Division of the Irving Police Department.