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  • SelectReads
    SelectReads is a free newsletter subscription service that notifies you every month about new books and DVDs at the Irving Library. We offer nearly 40 newsletters of our most popular genres, non-fiction area, and media.
  • eSequels
    eSequels lists the most popular fiction series. eSequels indexes character, location and subject as well as author and title and gives brief annotations that describe each title without "giving away" any surprise endings. Novels are listed in the correct reading sequence.
  • NoveList
    NoveList provides "read-alikes" for popular authors, book discussion guides, series information, and other details on 176,000 fiction titles.

Use the library book lists to find your next book.

  • Library Reads
    This website highlights new books by up-and-coming authors as selected by public librarians around the nation. Copies of the monthly picks are available in print at Central Library's Fiction Desk.
  • Online Book Clubs
    Monday through Friday, you'll receive in your email a five-minute selection from a chapter of a book.