Article 1: Mission Statement

Irving, a united community of diverse people involved in service and advocacy through the recognition of each person’s special abilities, seeks to provide every young person with access to the resources needed to create positive change. To foster this environment, the Irving Youth Action Council (IYAC) will identify issues facing the City of Irving and create solutions to those problems.

The IYAC will also organize events for teenagers in Irving to bring teenagers of all backgrounds and schools together in social and educational settings. Members of the council will also help improve Irving by participating in community service activities and citywide projects.

Article II: Function

The IYAC shall serve as a liaison between the youth of the community, the Irving Youth Council, and the Irving Parks and Recreation Department. This partnership will encourage positive youth / adult collaboration regarding issues affecting youth and promote the development of social, cultural, and recreational activities set forth by Irving’s America’s Promise Initiative.

Article III: Membership Requirements

Section 1

The IYAC shall consist of a total of 21 members between the ages of 13 and 19. Member must be residents of Irving or enrolled in a school in Irving. Members shall remain active in the council until one of the following occurs. The member:

  1. Turns 19 years of age or graduates from high school.
  2. Submits a letter of resignation to IYAC.
  3. Is expelled for committing a violation against the bylaws or engages in conduct unbecoming of an IYAC member.
  4. Requests a formal period of suspension from the council.
  5. Violates meeting and / or special event attendance policies and is placed on probation by the council.
  6. Violates meeting and / or special event attendance policies after being on probation before and is expelled from the council.

Section 2

IYAC vacancies shall be filled in a timely manner with new members being selected in an on-going, open-application process.

  1. Selection criteria include current IYAC member evaluations after candidate interviews, community recommendation letters, leadership abilities, and / or community or school involvement.
  2. Qualified candidates will be interviewed by current IYAC members.
  3. Candidates will become immediately active upon appointment to the council.

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1

Meetings shall take place twice a month at a time and location that has been determined by members of IYAC. Adult and youth guests are welcome to attend any meetings.

Section 2

IYAC members may use meetings to discuss and make recommendations to the Irving Youth Council on issues related to:

  1. Policy matters affecting youth of the community.
  2. Planning, organizing, coordinating and carrying out drug- and alcohol-free social, cultural and recreational activities.
  3. Establishment of guidelines, rules, and procedures for participating in IYAC sponsored activities.

Article V: Meeting Attendance

Section 1

IYAC members are required meet all of the following attendance policies:

  1. Members must attend 16 out of 24 regularly scheduled meetings per year. Members are required to contact Parks and Recreation staff or co-chairpersons prior to a meeting to report an absence, which will then be considered excused.
  2. Unexcused tardy attendance exceeding 15 minutes will be considered unexcused absences.
  3. Members must have three or fewer unexcused absences.
  4. Members cannot miss four or more consecutive meetings.
  5. Violation of any one of the attendance policies above will result in probation from the council.

Section 2

Failure to participate in special or emergency meetings will not count as an absence no matter whether it is excused or unexcused.

Article VI: Special Events

Members must attend a total of five special events in a year. If a member is unable to attend he or she must contact a co-chairperson or Parks and Recreation staff member. Failure to do so may result in probation.

Article VII: Probation Policy

Section 1

Members will be put in jeopardy of probation if any of the above meeting attendance policies are violated. In the case of attendance violations, members will discuss the circumstances under which a member has violated the policies and vote on whether or not to put him or her on probation. A two-thirds vote is required to put a member on probation.

Section 2

The probation period lasts six weeks. During this time, if the member on probation fails to attend any meeting without first contacting either a co-chairperson or a Parks and Recreation staff, he or she will be expelled from the council.

Section 3

If a member is placed on probation twice in one year, he or she will be expelled from the council.

Article VIII: Establishment of a Quorum

Fifty (50) percent of the members will constitute a quorum. A quorum must be present to vote on action items. Members on probation do not count toward the quorum.

Article IX: Election of Officers

The IYAC shall elect from its membership two co-chairpersons and one historian as the executive board. Terms for these officers shall be one year from the elections in the first meeting of May until the next elections on the first meeting of the following May. All IYAC members are eligible to become part of the executive board with a majority vote. Elections for the executive board officers will take place on the first meeting in May.

Article X: Changes in the Bylaws

Section 1

At the first meeting in May when the new co-chairpersons have been elected, the bylaws that govern the IYAC will be reviewed by the entire membership. Changes or modifications require a two-thirds vote to be approved.

Section 2

The bylaws committee will also meet when necessary throughout the year to address any issues that arise. After meeting, the committee will present changes to the entire council and a two-thirds vote is required to approve them.