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Identity theft, forgery and credit card abuse are among the most difficult offenses facing residents today. The Irving Police Department allows for the online reporting of these offenses. Unfortunately, the department is not able to follow-up on or investigate each and every report filed. Irving Police are not able to go to locations and obtain videos or other evidence due to geographic and logistic constraints. Many times, victims can provide a copy of the report to the credit bureaus or creditors to help resolve the issue.

The Irving Police Department's Economic Crimes Unit offers tips and answers to frequently asked questions to help combat these crimes. Please read through the "Frequently Asked Questions" section below to find answers to common questions.

Contact the Irving Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division for any other questions at (972) 721-2535.

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Personal identity documents, including passport, Social Security card and driver’s license.REPORT IDENTITY THEFT

If your personal identifying information was used without your consent, an identity theft complaint can be made via the Irving Police Department's online portal if the victim is an Irving resident or the offense occurred within the City of Irving. 

Report an identity theft incident now

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone has written checks on my checking account without my permission. What do I do?

If someone uses your checking account to write checks without the account holder's permission then a forgery has been committed. If your checks were passed in Irving, you can make an online complaint. You should also notify your bank, if you have not already done so, and request that they close the account.

Complaints regarding checks written from insufficient funds or closed accounts must be filed with the Justice of the Peace Office or the Check Division of the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. The Irving Police Department does not investigate these offenses.

To report check forgery, click here

Someone has used my credit/debit card without my permission. What do I do?

A credit card/debit card abuse is committed when someone uses your existing credit card/debit card account number to make unauthorized purchases.

Notify your bank or credit card company, if you have not already done so, and request they close the account. If the charges were made within the City of Irving, you can make an online Credit/Debit Card Abuse report.  If your credit/debit card was used online, file a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( 

Someone stole my checks, credit/debit card. What should I do?

The Economic Crimes Unit only investigates cases that are related to the actual passing of the forged or counterfeit checks, or the fraudulent use of a credit card. If your checks or credit cards are stolen in Irving you should call the Irving Police Department, (972) 273-1010, to make your report. If there are leads that can be followed up on, the report will be assigned to a Property Crimes Detective. The Economic Crimes Unit does not investigate the theft of checks or credit cards.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal identifying information without your knowledge or consent.

Cancel any compromised accounts right away. Call your financial institutions and ask to speak with a fraud specialist. Make sure you document the details of your phone call, and obtain their contact information. Follow up with them in writing by filing an affidavit of fraud (usually provided by them). 

•    Make sure you send all information in a certified letter to the financial institution.

•    Make sure to request the company to notify you in writing when they have resolved your needs.

File a police report with the correct jurisdiction. If you are the victim of identity theft and you are a resident of Irving or the offense occurred in Irving, you can file an online report.

Contact the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies and place a Fraud Alert or Freeze on your credit file. For additional information contact the Federal Trade Commission:

If you have been contacted by the IRS about someone working under your social security number, you should also complete the IRS Identity Theft Packet. They will be responsible for investigating these offenses.

NOTE: If someone received a traffic citation or was arrested using your identity, contact the law enforcement agency involved to initiate an investigation.

To make an identity theft report online, click here

I received a check in the mail and I was told to cash the check then send some of the money to another location. Now my bank has told me the check was counterfeit. What should I do?

The Irving Police Department does not investigate these scams. The people who contacted you are very often not located in the United States. The information that you've been given is fictitious. If you received the check through the U.S. mail, you can report the incident to the Postal Inspection Service (  If the check was related to an online transaction, you should report the incident to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (

I made a purchase (or sold an item) on eBay (or another internet site) and I've not received the package (or the payment). What can I do?

Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center. (

My driver's license was lost or stolen. What should I do?

Apply for a duplicate driver's license as soon as possible through your local Department of Public Safety office and ask them to put an "alarm" on your driver's license as stolen to help prevent identity theft. Also, notify the credit reporting bureaus and request a credit report after one month.

My Social Security Card was lost or stolen? What should I do?

You can file a report on-line with the Irving Police Department (IPD) if your social security card was lost or stolen. After filing your report with IPD contact the Social Security Administration to notify them of the loss and get information on how to get a duplicate card. Also, notify the credit reporting bureaus. Request a copy of a credit report a month or two after the theft to make sure no fraudulent accounts are being opened.

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