Civilian Observation / Rider Program

This program is for adults that live or work in Irving. To be considered for participation in the Civilian Observation / Rider Program, you must be an adult that lives or works in Irving. A person who wishes to participate in this program must submit a written request utilizing the forms provided by the Police Department. The request to ride and release of liability form (PDF) must be signed and forwarded to the Administrative Patrol Sergeant prior to participation. The Administrative Patrol Sergeant will notify the approved rider of the date and time of the assigned ride.

Attire for Rider Program

Male observers should wear slacks and a dress shirt and are encouraged to wear ties and jackets. Female observers should wear suitable business attire.

Program Policies

Civilian observers should not become directly involved in any police action unless necessary to preserve the officer's safety. In addition, observers will be required to remain in the police vehicle while conducting traffic stops and responding to disturbance calls unless otherwise directed by an officer. The rules of conduct will be adhered to as stated on the request to ride form.

After you have printed out the "request to ride and release of liability form," fill them out completely and sign them; they should then be delivered either in person, by mail, or by fax (972-721-8015) to the Irving Police Department Patrol Division Administrative Sergeant.