High School Student Jail Internship Program

The Irving Police Department Jail is the national pilot site for the High School Student Jail Internship Program. Students from the Irving Academy High School are chosen to participate in the internship program. It requires that student interns have 300 or more hours of specialized training in their career area of study (corrections / detentions), maintain an A or B academic average, and also have a highly employable skills grade (timeliness, professionalism, meeting goals, teamwork, technology ethics).


Student interns are expected to maintain a high degree of professionalism. Each student intern works with a mentor / trainer and has the opportunity to watch them as they perform their job duties. Interns may also assist their mentor / trainer in performing tasks that do not require prisoner contact, such as entering data into the Corrections Management System, using the door control system, and processing court paperwork from arraignments.