Construction Details and Specifications

Construction details and specifications can be downloaded on the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) downloads webpage.

For questions concerning private development rsauceda@cityofirving.org or call (972) 721-4670.

For other Engineering questions publicworks@cityofirving.org or call (972) 721-2611.

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Copy of a Plat or Construction Plans

To get a copy of a plat or construction plans please contact the CIP Department at (972) 721-2768 or maps@cityofirving.org. These copies can be delivered electronically at no charge or hard copies can be made at City Hall.

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Elevation Certificate

The elevation certificate is used to certify building elevations in conjunction with obtaining a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Revision-F (LOMR-F) to remove a structure from the flood plain. It is also used to rate post FIRM building construction by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The elevation certificate can be download from FEMA at: Elevation Certificate. Property owner will then hire a surveyor to do the field work and when complete, the City of Irving receives the form and submits it to FEMA. (See Flood Plain)

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Equipment / Materials

The contractor is allowed to stockpile equipment and materials on the construction site in the amount as to not cause delays in construction.

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Flags and Construction Staking

Prior to any construction or development a project is surveyed. The City of Irving has a survey crew and surveys some of its proposed projects. Other projects use private surveyors. The survey will include paint markings, stakes and flags. This survey could be done for a city project or for any one of the franchise companies. To inquire about city projects call (972) 721-2611.

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Flood Plain

To determine if your property is in a flood plain, go to FEMA's mapping center at MSC.FEMA.gov/portal.

You can input the address and produce a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for the specified property. If you need assistance with this please contact the CIP Department at maps@cityofirving.org. The 100-year flood zone is not based on years as the name implies but is a 1 percent chance that any rainfall event will produce that amount of rain. The FIRM is used by mortgage and insurance companies to determine if flood insurance is required.  (See Elevation Certificate)

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Flooding issues are a major concern for the City of Irving. Areas of flooding should be reported to the Municipal Drainage Utility (MDU) at Drainage@cityofirving.org or at (972) 721-4760. These events are documented and categorized so that resources can be properly allocated to address each situation. Some solutions may be as simple as removing debris to allow better flow and others will require long-term planning and budgeting.

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Franchise Utilities

Franchise utilities are those utilities that are not City of Irving and have an agreement with the city to use right-of-way for there infrastructure. These include electricity, phone, cable and gas. The franchise utility companies also do construction in the public right-of-way. For questions or concerns about their construction projects, please contact the respective company. The most common of these are:

  • Atmos (800) 817-8090
  • AT&T (800) 246-8464
  • MCI/Verizon (800) 444-3333
  • Oncor (888) 313-4747
  • Spectrum (Time Warner) Cable (877) 833-6350
  • Frontier  (800) 921-8101

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GPS Monuments / Benchmarks

The City of Irving has a GPS monument system based on half mile grid. The monuments have northing, easting and elevation (X, Y and Z). The index map and data sheets for these monuments are located on the downloads page.

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Trash / Debris / Mud

The contractor is required to keep the construction site reasonable clean and clear of debris. The city has the authority to request the site be cleaned. For any items of concern, contact the City Inspector for that project. The inspector for the project can be found by calling (972) 721-2611.

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Utility Locates

The City of Irving will locate water and sanitary sewer lines prior to any construction. This is done through the Water Utilities Department. For water and sanitary sewer locates, please visit the Water Utilities web page. For location of other utilities please contact the one-call notification center for Texas: online at Texas811 or by dialing 811 on any phone.

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Water Meters

To add an additional meter to a property email meters@cityofirving.org. For any issues with an existing meter, contact the Water Utilities Department at (972) 721-2281.

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Water and Sanitary Sewer Service

During construction of water and sanitary sewer, there may be instances where these services may be interrupted. More so with water main construction as these lines have to be isolated (water turned off) to connect the new construction to the existing system. Notice is given in advance of having the water turned off. For water main breaks and outages not associated with construction see the Water Utilities FAQ page.

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Duration / Noise / Working Hours

Capital Improvement Program construction involves a number of personnel, vehicles and large equipment, and it is inherently loud. Your patience during construction is appreciated. Working hours for a project are from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for city holidays. Exceptions for city holidays and Saturdays can be made.

Projects are bid with a certain number of calendar days and are expected to be finished in that time frame. The contractor can be fined for exceeding that number of days in the contract. For any items of concern, contact the City Inspector for that project.  Prior to construction a letter is mailed to each address abutting the project.  That letter will include the inspector for that project who will be the main contact for any questions or concerns.  The inspector for the project can also be found by calling (972) 721-2611.

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