Codes and Forms

All Animal Services codes can be viewed online in Municode, Chapter Six.

Leash Law

The city's leash law makes it illegal for animals to be at large (running free, unrestrained) within the city limits, even with an owner present (unless inside the city's dog park). Dogs must be restrained using a properly fitted leash, chain, collar, or harness that is being held by the owner at all times.

Adults walking leashed dogs

Pet Waste Cleanup

The city requires residents to clean up after their pets. It is against the law to allow an animal's waste to remain in any public place or on another person's private property. Leaving pet waste on the ground increases public health risks by allowing harmful pathogens to wash into drainage ways and eventually into the Trinity River where it impacts recreational lakes and sources of drinking water.

Tethering Dogs

The city has a ban on unattended tethered dogs. Only responsible pet owners who maintain direct physical control are allowed to tether their dogs. This means the owner must be outside with the dog and near enough to exercise control over the animal at all times in the event it should become necessary to protect an animal or human from harm.

Animals in Parked Vehicles

It is against the law to leave an unsupervised animal in a standing or parked vehicle. Unattended pets may be impounded.


The penalty for violating any of these city ordinances could result in a fine of up to $2,000. For more information, contact Irving Animal Services at (972) 721-2256.