Hiring Process

The Irving Police Department’s hiring process consists of 12 phases. 

Out-of-state applicants will need to make two trips to Texas. On the first trip, applicants take the civil service exam and physical test. On the second, applicants will take polygraph, oral board, medical and psychological tests.

  1. Register for Civil Service Exam - The civil service exam is offered several times a year.
  2. Civil Service Exam - This is a written test consisting of multiple choice questions covering subjects such as spelling, reading comprehension, and memory skills. General civil service exam study guide books can be found at libraries, bookstores and online at police employment websites.

    An applicant’s score on this test will rank the individual on our eligibility list, which is posted on the Registration page. The applicant’s ranking will determine when they are called back to finish the rest of the process. A military veteran with an honorable discharge who shows their DD-214 at the time of the test will receive 5 extra points on the exam after receiving a passing score (70).
  3. Physical Fitness Test - This test is generally done on the same day as the civil service test. Each event is scored separately, and you must meet the standards on each and every event. Rest periods are offered between events.
  4. Personal History Questionnaire - The police officer application or Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) will be completed online.  Upon successful completion of the exam, the applicant will be emailed an invitation and instructions for the online PHQ.  View the list of information (PDF) needed to complete the PHQ. The PHQ will be due the fourteenth days after the written exam and must be submitted by that Saturday to be considered further in the hiring process. Chief's Letter and PHQ Instructions.
  5. Prepolygraph Interview - This interview is conducted by a background investigator to cover information such as prior criminal activities, drug use, credit, work history, driving history and other topics.
  6. Polygraph Exam - Administered by an independent consultant.
  7. Background Investigation - Family members, references, acquaintances, past employers and co-workers are interviewed, and a review is conducted of military and school records, driving records, credit history, and any other area the investigator deems appropriate.
  8. Oral Interview Board - The applicant is interviewed by four police officers who present hypothetical situations for discussion.
  9. Conditional Offer of Employment - Upon passing the oral review board, the applicant will be given a conditional offer of employment.
  10. Psychological Exam and Interview - This exam is scheduled by the police department with a licensed psychologist, independent from the Irving Police Department.
  11. Medical Exam / Drug Screen - A physical is scheduled by the department with a licensed physician and includes, as a minimum, a vision test, an audiogram, a blood pressure check and back X-rays.