Lateral Police Officer Program

Police Officer applicants are eligible for the lateral police officer program if they are currently employed as a full-time certified peace officer with a public law enforcement agency.


Lateral Police Officers with at least three years as a full-time peace officer with a public law enforcement agency are exempt from the college hour requirement if their police officer experience is immediately preceding the submission of their application.


A Lateral Police Officer is eligible for a starting salary based on his or her whole years of police officer experience. Service time, for determining the starting salary, can include multiple agencies if breaks in service are less than thirty (30) days from the date of hire.  This is the pay scale for lateral police officers:

1 year of service : $72,321

2 years  of service: $75,940

3 years of service: $79,726

4 years of service: $83,714

5 years of service: $87,880

6 years of service: $92,289

TCOLE Certified

Texas Police Officers who are TCOLE certified with at least 12 months of patrol experience are eligible for an abbreviated training program. This consists of nine weeks of updates on policies and procedures, as well as field training, which is based on performance.

Modified lateral Academy

All out-of-state certified Police Officers will be required to attend the Irving Police Department’s modified lateral academy. 


All training for Lateral Officers is based on an adult education program and principles. Emphasis is placed on classroom updates and practical exercises rather than a military-oriented training program. Lateral police officers will complete all the same hiring steps as a new applicant and will need to register for an exam day.

Background Investigation

As part of the background investigation process, the investigators are required to review internal files including disciplinary records.  If an investigator is unable to view the file, the applicant cannot be considered for employment.

  1. Out-of-State