General Information

Snapshot 2018: A Report on the State of the City Irving, Texas (PDF)


2017 Population Estimate (NCTCOG)234,710
2016 Population (NCTCOG)231,040
Growth Rate: 2000-201012.9%
2016 Dallas County Population (U.S. Census 2016 P.E.P)2,574,982-4
2016 Dallas / Fort Worth Metro (MSA) Population (U.S. Census)7,233,323
City Population Rank - CountySecond largest
City Population Rank - State12th largest
City Population Rank - Nation91st largest

Age and Gender Characteristics

Median Age (2016 ACS)32.0
Male / Female (2016 ACS)97.0 males per 100 females

Race / Ethnicity

Race Alone (2016 ACS)White - 47.4%

Black - 13.2%

Asian - 19.3%

Other, All - 20.0%

Combined Race and Ethnicity (2015 ACS)White, non-Hispanic (NH) - 21.7%

Black, NH - 13.0%

Asian, NH - 19.3%

Other, NH - 2.5%

Hispanic, Any Race - 43.5%

Income / Employment

Median Household Income (2016 ACS)$61,3626
Median Family Income (2016 ACS)$68,367
Unemployment Rate (December 2018, Texas Workforce Commission)3.1%

Top 10 Private Employers (Alpha Order)

The Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce (2015)Aegis Communications Group Inc.

Allstate Insurance Company


DFW International Airport

Health Management Systems (HMS)

Irving Mall

Microsoft Corp.

Neiman Marcus Direct

Verizon Communications

Zale Corporation

Physical Characteristics

Land Area67.9 square miles
ClimateRainfall average - 33.09" per year
Temp (Fahrenheit)45.5°F (Hist. January aver.)

55.5°F (Highest January aver.)

33.8°F (Lowest January aver.)

84.9°F (Hist. July aver.)

92.0°F (Highest July aver.)

79.4°F (Lowest July aver.)

1.1 (Aver. number of snow days)

3.1" (Aver. annual snowfall)
Record High Temperature113°F (June 26 and 27, 1980)
Record Low Temperature-8°F (Feb. 12, 1899)
Elevation400' lowest

590' highest

Information Sources

U.S. Census Bureau, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Dallas County Appraisal District, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Geological Survey, Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, North Texas Real Estate Information System, Texas Workforce Commission.

Updated March 11, 2019