Fitness Test Measurements and Standards

Physical Fitness Test Measurements

There are five physical fitness tests that will be given in one day as a battery of tests.

1.5-Mile Run

This measures aerobic power or cardiovascular endurance (the ability to have stamina over time). The test consists of running / walking as fast as possible the distance of 1.5 miles.

300-Meter Run

This measures anaerobic power or the ability to make an intense burst of effort for a short time period or distance. The test consists of sprinting 300 meters as fast as possible.

Maximum Push-Up Test

This measures the muscular endurance of the upper body. The test consists of doing as many push-ups from the front, lean, and rest position with no time limit.

Vertical Jump Test

This measures leg power. The test consists of using a Vertex to measure how high you jump from a standing position.

One Minute Sit-Up Test

This measures the abdominal or trunk muscular endurance. Laying on the ground you will be given one minute to do as many bent-leg sit-ups as you can.

Fitness Test Standards

You will be given the tests in the following sequence. There will be rest periods between each event. Each test is scored separately and you must meet the standard on each and every test. The standards are as follows:

Test Standard 
Vertical Jump13 inches
300-Meter Run82 seconds
One-Minute Sit-Ups30
1.5-Mile Run15:44