Other Benefits

Benefits Who Pays When Eligible? What You Will Receive? 
Bilingual CompensationCity of IrvingUpon approval by HR -

After 6 months and test
$40 - $250 monthly
Direct DepositCity of IrvingImmediatelyAutomatic deposit of paycheck each pay day.
Incentive PayCity of IrvingImmediatelyExtra compensation for advanced certification or education.
LongevityCity of IrvingAfter 1 year$6 per month for each full year of service.
HolidaysCity of IrvingImmediatelyNine paid holidays per year.
Jury DutyCity of IrvingImmediatelyFull salary while on jury duty.
Military LeaveCity of IrvingImmediatelyFull salary, not to exceed 15 working days per calendar year.
Personal LeaveCity of IrvingAfter 6 months8 hours per year
Sick LeaveCity of IrvingAfter 6 months120 hours per year, accumulated at the rate of 4.62 hours biweekly, unlimited accumulation. Upon termination, employee receives pay for up to 720 hours accumulation.
Vacation LeaveCity of IrvingAfter 6 months60 hours
--0-8 years*120 hours per year; maximum accumulation of 240 hours
--9-13 years*136 hours per year; maximum accumulation of 272 hours
--14-18 years*144 hours per year; maximum accumulation of 288 hours
--19-23 years*160 hours per year; maximum accumulation of 320 hours
--24 years and up*176 hours per year; maximum accumulation of 352 hours
Dental PlanEmployeeImmediatelyGroup rates on dental care and treatment.
Employee Assistance PlanCityImmediatelyFree confidential counseling sessions provided for employees and dependents regarding marital, emotional, job, stress or legal problems; three sessions allowed per incident.
Flexible Spending AccountsEmployeeImmediatelyAllows city employees to pay for medical and work-related childcare expenses with before-tax dollars.
Health InsuranceCity / EmployeeImmediatelyHealth plans include a choice of two PPO plans or HDHP. City contributes at least 85 percent of employee and 65 percent of the dependent premiums; HDHP participants are eligible for HSA.
Life InsuranceCity / EmployeeImmediatelyTerm life insurance coverage provided by the city (equal to annual salary). Optional life and dependent coverage available at employee's expense.
Vision PlanEmployeeImmediatelyGroup rates for vision benefit services.
Deferred Compensation PlanEmployeeImmediatelyTax-deferred savings program for retirement.
Retirement (Texas Municipal Retirement Systems (TMRS))City / EmployeeImmediatelyEmployee contribution is 7 percent with a two-to-one match by the city upon retirement, with a five-year vesting.
Supplemental Benefit PlanEmployeeImmediatelyEmployee contribution is 2.5 percent; plan provides supplemental retirement, long-term disability and survivors benefits.
TMRS Death BenefitCityImmediatelyEmployee's beneficiary receives an amount equal to previous 12-months' salary.
Employee Credit UnionEmployeeImmediatelyCompetitive interest rates on savings accounts and loan; both available through payroll deductions.
Tuition ReimbursementCity of IrvingAfter 6 monthsReimbursement of tuition for job-related courses as outlined by city policy.