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Irving Public Library Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can customers access the IPL Policies?

Does the Irving Library take their directive from the American Library Association (ALA)?

No. The ALA is a professional association and only serves as a resource for industry information, guidance, and professional development.  The ALA is NOT involved in the operations of the Irving Public Library.   Concerns about the American Library Association should be reported directly to the ALA:  

Telephone: Toll free 800-545-2433 | email:

Is there an overabundance of LGBTQ selections in the Young Adult (YA) Collection?

LGBTQ themed materials make up only about 3% of the entire YA Collection.  

What does the IPL Collection Development Policy say about the Children/Young Adult Collections? 

“The Irving Public Library’s Children’s Collection is intended to serve children through 8th grade. The IPL’s Young Adult Collection is intended to serve teens from 9th to 12th grade. The Irving Public Library contains a wide variety of materials and opinions reflecting various points of view. IPL does not serve as “in loco parentis”. Responsibility for overseeing a minor’s use of the library collection rests with the parents and/or legal guardians, not the library. It is the right and responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to restrict their children, and only their children, from access to library material and resources to which the parent or legal guardian may object. The library does not knowingly make available to minors either pornographic or obscene materials as defined by state and federal law. Parents or legal guardians may find certain materials objectionable or inappropriate for their children, and they may want to carefully review the content of library materials being accessed by their minor children. Selection of library materials, in this and other collections, will not be restricted by the possibility that materials may inadvertently come into a child’s possession. The Library’s Parents Guides provides helpful instructions on how parents can monitor and, if necessary, restrict materials that their minor children check out.”

What is considered when determining which books to weed out of the collection?

Circulation is only one component of the weeding process. On a systematic and continuous basis, the IPL removes materials that become worn, outdated, of little historical significance, or are no longer in demand (circulation). 

If a library card holder believes material within the collection is obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, and/or harmful to minors, is there a formal City internal review process?

Yes. The process is called a Request for Reconsideration. This formal process is available to ALL library patrons with a valid IPL card for the purpose of contesting materials within the collection. Once initiated, the RFR process begins with the assembly of an Ad Hoc Librarian Committee who are professionals in this field and familiar with the collection and where the item of question is located. 

The committee considers the following when drafting its report when reviewing an RFR:

  • Consistency with the Library’s Collection Development policy
  • Cultural and/or literacy significance and quality
  • Audience for the material
  • Circulation history and customer requests for the material
  • Professional reviews and awards
  • Its availability and placement in comparable library systems

The Ad Hoc Committee can recommend several actions that include:

  • Removal
  • Relocation
  • Reclassification
  • No action

If dissatisfied with the initial Ad Hoc Committee decision, the submitter (a library card holder) may appeal to the Director within 30 days at which time the Director can request additional information from either staff or the submitter. The Director notifies the Library Board of the outcome of the appeal at the Library Board meeting immediately following the time decision is rendered. The determination of the Library Director is final.    

The City’s fair and objective review of a Request for Reconsideration is the only internal city process available to seek redress of specific complaints about materials. Library professionals make these determinations, particularly given the crucial First Amendment interests that must be considered, when evaluating a request to remove, relocate or reclassify literary materials in the library.

Where can I obtain the Request for Reconsideration Policy and Forms? 


RFR Form:

RFR Spanish Form:

How does the Irving Public Library Collection represent diverse community standards?

The Irving Public Library maintains a broad collection of materials that cover a variety of viewpoints and opinions.  We understand that not every book in the collection is for everyone and that reasonable people can and will disagree with viewpoints and depictions contained in some material.