Non-Resident Cards

Cards for Purchase

Individuals who are not residents of the City of Irving may purchase:

  • Full Access Card with borrowing, database access and computer use privileges - $40
  • Computer Access Card for computer use only (two sessions per day) - $10
  • eCard for accessing databases and e-resources only - $40

The non-resident fee is an annual, non-refundable fee. The fee will be paid each year when your card expires.

Preregister for a Non-Resident Card

Get a jump on obtaining a new library card by preregistering online. Added benefit to preregistering is placing up to two items on hold, which can be picked up along with the new card. After preregistering online, you have 30 days to visit an Irving Library location and pay for the new card.

Determining Residency

Residency is determined by the address ID (PDF) given at the time of registering for a new card or renewing your card. The individual must reside in the City of Irving in order to be exempt from the non-resident card fees.

Renewing a Non-Resident Card

Non-Residents may renew an expired library card by visiting an Irving Library and presenting a valid photo ID and a separate and current address ID for verification. The annual non-resident card fee must be paid at that time. The library card must also be in good standing (no overdues or fees on the card).

The Texshare Card

Non-residents who wish to check out a limited number of items from an Irving Public Library may present a valid TexShare card from their home library. To obtain the free Irving Library’s Texshare Visitor card please visit the Irving library and present your current and valid Texshare Card from your home library, your valid photo ID, a separate proof of address, and your home library card. An expired Texshare Visitor card that has been maintained in good standing (no lost items or charges) may be renewed by presenting the same items.