Homebound Card


Those unable to visit the library in person can register for a library card via email, fax, or postal mail and have a library card mailed to their home. Once the registrant receives their card, they can allow someone else to pick up and return library materials on their behalf and/or use the library’s many digital services.


By email:

Email a scan or photo of your photo ID and a scan or photo of a document with the applicant's name and current address on it to circulation@cityofirving.org. Click here for a list of acceptable forms of identification and address documents. If possible, please complete the online preregistration form as well.

By fax or by postal mail:

Send a scan or copy of the applicant's photo ID and a scan or copy of a document with your name and current address on it to:

Circulation Services Supervisor
Irving Public Library
P.O. Box 152288
Irving, TX 75015-2288

Fax: (972) 721-2463

Click here for a list of acceptable forms of identification and address documents. Please include a page stating the intention to apply for a library card and list the requestor's telephone number and/or email address.

Those with no photo ID or proof of address:

Staff understand that not everyone has the common forms of ID and address documentation used by the library. Staff are happy to work with those individuals to accept alternative documents, including a letter on institution letterhead from an assisted living facility stating the applicant is a resident, if that applies. Please send an email at circulation@cityofirving.org or call 972-721-2628 and ask to speak to a member of the Circulation staff to discuss options.


A card issued this way has all the same privileges as a Full Access library card. View them here: Full Access Card.

Any person who is carrying the library card with them will be able to use the card the same way the account holder would. Family members, caregivers or friends can pick up holds or check out library materials on someone else's behalf.

Please be aware that the account holder will be financially responsible for any materials checked out on the card, so choose the people who have access to the card carefully. If someone unauthorized gains access to the card or card number, please contact staff at circulation@cityofirving.org or 972-721-2530 to request that for the account to be blocked until a new library card number can be issued.


Library cards are valid for two years. After that, please complete the process for obtaining a card again. In the message to the library, please indicate that is in an already established account in need of a renewal.