Processed Collections

Collection 1 (PDF) - City of Irving. Office of the Mayor. R. Dan Matkin Administration Records, 1971-1977

Abstract: R. Dan Matkin - Irving Mayor, 1971-1977, City Councilman, 1963-1971. Correspondence, memoranda, publications received and created by the Mayor's office during Dan Matkin's mayoral terms.

Donor: City of Irving - City Secretary's Office

Size: 5 ft. (12 boxes)

Collection 2 (PDF) - City of Irving. Office of the Mayor. Marvin Randle Administration Records, 1977-1981

Abstract: Marvin Randle - Irving Mayor, 1977-1981, City Councilman, 1970-1976. Correspondence, memoranda, publications received and created by the Mayor's office during Marvin Randle's mayoral terms.

Donor: City of Irving - City Secretary's Office

Size: 1.2 ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 3 (PDF) - City of Irving. Office of the Mayor. Robert H. Power Administration Records, 1967-1971

Abstract: Robert H Power - Irving Mayor, 1967-1971, City Councilman, 1963-1967. Correspondence, memoranda, publications, received and created by the Mayor's office during Robert Power's mayoral terms.

Donor: City of Irving - City Secretary's Office

Size: 0.4 ft. (1 box)

Collection 4 (PDF) - City of Irving. Office of the Mayor. Lynn Brown Administration Records, 1962-1967

Abstract: Lynn Brown - Irving Mayor, 1959-1967. Son of Irving's co-founder Otis Brown. Correspondence, memoranda, publications, received and created by the Mayor's office during Lynn Brown's mayoral terms.

Donor: City of Irving - City Secretary's Office

Size: 0.4 ft. (1 box)

Collection 5 (PDF) - Gilbert Family Collection

Abstract: Biographical information on Dr. Daniel Webster (D. W.) Gilbert, 1854-1930; Dr. Franklin Monroe (F. M.). Gilbert, 1887-1982; and Dorothy Grace Bald Brandon Gilbert, 1901-1990. Dr. D. W. Gilbert was an early northwest Dallas County physician, dairyman, and farmer. His son F. M. Gilbert practiced medicine in Irving for over 50 years. He was also a school board member, city council member, and mayor of Irving. In 1920, he met and married a hospital nurse, Dorothy Grace Bald Brandon Gilbert.

Family histories.

Donor: Dr. Clay Gilbert

Size: 0.2 ft. (½ manuscript box)

Collection 6 (PDF) - Irving Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks, 1944-1995

Abstract: Scrapbooks containing newspaper articles relating to events in the city of Irving and the activities of the Irving Chamber of Commerce (now the Greater Irving/Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce).

Donor: Greater Irving/Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce

Size: 6.3 ft. (19 boxes)

Collection 8 (PDF) - Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution; Blaine C. Willhoite, Sr., Chapter Records, 1986-1998

Abstract: Established in 1986, the Society's purpose is to perpetuate the memory of ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Membership is restricted to male Americans who can trace their ancestry back to veterans of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. The Irving chapter is named in honor of the chapter's organizer and first president. Scrapbooks, minutes, treasurer's reports, newsletters and publications.

Donor: Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution; Blaine C. Willhoite, Sr., Chapter

Size: 2.8 ft. (10 boxes)

Collection 9 (PDF) - Otis and Onetta Brown Papers, 1900-1958

Abstract: Otis Brown (1879-1958) was the co-founder of the city of Irving in 1903. Onetta (Netta) Barcus Brown (1880-1958) was a schoolteacher and wife of Otis Brown. Personal and business papers, 1901-1958, scrapbook, 1914-1949, photographs of early Irving area, 1900-1950s.

Donor: Kay and Lynn Brown

Size: 0.7 ft. (1.5 boxes)

Collection 10 (PDF) - The Circle I Square and Round Dance Club Scrapbooks, 1947-2004

Abstract: Club was organized in 1947 as the Wagon Wheels. Changed name to Circle I Square and Round Dance Club in 1952. The clubs objective is to promote square and round dancing as a recreational activity. Scrapbooks.

Donor: Circle I Square and Round Dance Club

Size: 1.75 ft. (9 boxes)

Collection 11 - Gwyn Shea Papers, 1972-1996

Abstract: Gwyn Shea served in the Texas House of Representatives, District 98 (primarily Irving), from 1982-1992. She served as Dallas County Constable beginning in 1993. In 2002, she was appointed Secretary of State for the State of Texas by Governor Rick Perry. Material in the collection is from her days in the Texas House of Representatives. Correspondence, campaign material, legislative files, news clippings, speech research material, GOPAC material, scrapbooks, artifacts, photographs.

Donor: Gwyn Shea

Size: 10 ft. (27 boxes)

Collection 12 (PDF) - Robert E. Davis Papers, 1973-1982

Abstract: Robert Davis served in the Texas House of Representatives, District 33-B (Irving), from 1972-1982. Later he worked as a lawyer in private practice. Correspondence, speeches, artifacts.

Donor: Robert Davis

Size: 0.4 ft. (1 box)

Collection 13 (PDF) - Lynn Brown and Catherine F. Brown Scrapbooks, 1870s-1987

Abstract: Lynn Brown was the youngest son of Irving's co-founder Otis Brown. Catherine Fakes Brown and Lynn Brown were married in 1948. Brown was a civil engineer. He served as Irving's mayor from 1959-1967. Photocopies of the contents of two scrapbooks. The bulk of the material is of Brown's mayoral activities. Other subjects are the Brown and Fakes families.

Donor: Lynn and Catherine Brown

Size: 1.6 ft. (4 boxes)

Collection 14 (PDF) - Irving Council of Garden Clubs Records, 1966-1980

Abstract: Irving Council of Garden Clubs, established in 1951, was a federation of Irving garden clubs. The purpose of the club was "to bringing united effort to the accomplishments of those purposes to which all garden clubs are dedicated." The council ceased operation in the 1980s. Scrapbooks, flower show rules, newspaper clippings.

Donor: Lucy Hendy

Size: 0.2 ft. (1 box)

Collection 15 (PDF) - Bona Fide´ Club Records, 1950-2005

Abstract: Organized in Irving as the Junior Felicity Club in 1933. The purpose of the club was "to further the civic, social, and cultural advancement of its members." Scrapbooks and minutes.

Donor: Bona Fide´ Club

Size: 1.5 ft. (6 boxes)

Collection 16 (PDF) - Irving Green Thumb Garden Club Scrapbooks, 1966-1980

Abstract: The Irving Green Thumb Garden Club was organized in 1951. The purpose of the club is "to stimulate the love of gardening, to aid in the protection of native plants, and encourage civic beautification." Scrapbooks.

Donor: Irving Green Thumb Garden Club

Size: 1.3 ft. (5 boxes)

Collection 17 (PDF) - Irving Extension Homemakers Club Scrapbooks, 1971-1998

Abstract: The Irving Chapter of the Extension Homemakers Club, originally known as the Home Demonstration Club, and now known as the Family and Community Education Club (FCE), was established in 1929. The purposed of the club is "to provide research-based unbiased educational information that will improve the quality of life of families and individuals." Scrapbooks.

Donor: Irving Extension Homemakers Club

Size: 1.5 ft. (6 boxes)

Collection 18 (PDF) - Adopt-A-Spot Collection, 1989-2004

Abstract: An organization dedicated to litter control and landscape beautification. In 1995, Irving Beautification, Inc., made the Adopt-A-Spot program a priority. Scrapbooks documenting local Adopt-A-Spot projects; videotapes; and artifacts.

Donor: Sigrid and Del Krehbiel

Size: 2.3 ft. (5 boxes)

Collection 19 (PDF) - Krehbiel Family Project Scrapbook, 1993-1997

Abstract: Material documenting the Krehbiel family's litter control and beautification of two neglected areas in the city and Ms. Krehbiel nomination for a service award. Scrapbooks.

Donor: Sigrid and Del Krehbiel

Size: 0.5 ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 20 (PDF) - Irving Woman's Club Records, 1948-1998

Abstract: Originated as the Junior Irving Garden Club in 1948. In 1955, the club changed names to the Irving Woman's Club to reflect the broader interest of the group. Scrapbooks, minutes.

Donor: Irving Woman's Club

Size: 6 ft. (17 boxes)

Collection 21 (PDF) - Jack Johnson Papers, 1943-1996

Abstract: Jack Johnson served on the Irving city council,1939-1942, and as mayor, 1942-1947. He also served on the Irving Independent School District school board. He was a feed store owner and also worked as an officer for the Dallas County Sheriff's Department and as an investigator for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. He later served as constable of Precinct 8, which included Irving. Newspaper clippings, correspondence, business records, campaign material, artifacts, ephemera.

Donor: Johnson Family

Size: 0.4 ft. (1 box)

Collection 22 (PDF) - Windsor Publications / Irving Heritage Society Collection

Abstract: In 1988, the Irving Heritage Society commissioned a general history book on Irving, Texas. Windsor Publications produced the book. Joseph Rice, PhD., was the author. The book was entitled Irving A Texas Odyssey. Duplicate photographs and negatives from images that were used in the book, photo control logs, correspondence.

Donor: The Irving Heritage Society

Size: 0.65 ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 23 (PDF) - Lee Park Aerobics Class Scrapbook, 1977-1982

Abstract: Scrapbook documenting the activities of the Lee Park Recreation Center aerobic exercise class.

Donor: Sigrid Krehbiel

Size: 0.2 ft. (1 box)

Collection 24 (PDF) - Omnibus Club Scrapbooks, 1963-1984

Abstract: Established in 1963, the purpose of the club was "to stimulate the quest for knowledge, culture, and understanding of the arts." Scrapbooks.

Donor: Martha Watson

Size: 0.5 ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 25 (PDF) - Irving Book Review Club Records, 1953-2015

Abstract: Established in 1953, members meet once a month to hear speakers review books on various topics. Scrapbooks, minutes, treasurer's reports.

Donor: Irving Book Review Club

Size: 1.5 ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 26 (PDF) - Rebecca Rome Collection, 1934-1988

Abstract: Rebecca Rome worked as a researcher on the local history book, Irving A Texas Odyssey. Material collected by Ms. Rome while conducting her research for the book. Rough drafts of parts of the book, newspapers, interview notes, newspaper clippings, research papers relating to Irving.

Donor: Rebecca Rome

Size: 0.9 ft. (3 boxes and 3 newspaper folders)

Collection 27 (PDF) - Galen Burke Collection, c. 1966-1991

Abstract: Galen Burke, Irving resident, pilot, and flight engineer, was instrumental in founding three hobby clubs in the area: The Irving Bicycle and Touring Club, The Dallas Hullraiser Catamaran Club, and the Metro Movie Makers. Newsletters, rosters, minutes, correspondence, photographs, films.

Donor: Galen Burke

Size: 0.6 ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 29 (PDF) - P.E.O. Chapter DV Collection, 1963-1999

Abstract: P.E.O. is a worldwide sorority, founded in 1869, dedicated to providing higher education opportunities for women. The Irving Chapter DV, Irving's second chapter of P.E.O., was organized in 1963. Scrapbooks, publications, correspondence, photographs, artifacts, newspaper clippings, attendance book, treasurer's reports.

Donor: P.E.O. Chapter DV

Size: 2 ft. (4 boxes)

Collection 30 (PDF) - The Troy Kelley Papers, 1972-1991

Abstract: Troy Kelley served 12 years on the Irving Independent School District Board of Trustees, and as president of the local chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He founded a nonprofit organization designed to facilitate the adoption of orphans in post-Ceausescu Romania.

Donor: Troy and Bonnie Kelley

Size: 0.2 ft. (1 box)

Collection 31 (PDF) - Charles and Catherine Schulze Collection, 1883-1998

Abstract: Charles Schulze, Jr. (1913-2003) was the nephew of Irving's co-founder J. O. Schulze. Charles Schulze's father, C. P. Schulze, Sr., came to Irving to take over running Irving Lumber after J. O. Schulze returned to Iowa in 1905. Catherine O'Connell Schulze (1915-2005) a native of Dallas, married Charles Schulze in 1936. The couple made their home in Irving, where both were active in the city's business, civic, and social affairs. Personal documents, city government related documents, maps, newspaper clippings, photographs.

Donor: Charles and Catherine Schulze

Size: 2 ft. (4 boxes, newspaper cabinet, map cabinet)

Collection 32 (PDF) - Earl Ayles Papers, 1969-2000

Abstract: Earl Ayles was an employee of the city of Irving in the Department of Community Development for 26 years. During Mr. Ayles tenure with the city Texas Stadium, D/FW Airport, Las Colinas, and Valley Rancy were developed. Project files, publications, photographs.

Donor: Earl Ayles

Size: 4.5 ft. (6 boxes and 1 oversize folder)

Collection 33 (PDF) - James and Barbara Moreland Collection, 1950-1972

Abstract: James Moreland served on the Irving Independent School District Board of Trustees during the 1960s. James Moreland and Barbara Cannon Moreland were graduates of Irving High School. Girl's Irving High School letter jacket, 1950, scrapbook detailing Mr. Moreland's years on the school board.

Donor: James and Barbara Moreland

Size: 0.25 ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 34 (PDF) - Mary Kathryn Clyatt/Martha Ann Trate Irving High School Scrapbook, 1937-1940

Abstract: Mary Kathryn Clyatt and Martha Ann Trate were members of the 1940 Irving High School graduating class. Scrapbook documenting school activities 1937-1940, primarily through the school newspaper.

Donor: Mary Kathryn Clyatt and Martha Ann Trate

Size: 0.2 ft. (1 box)

Collection 35 (PDF) - The Esther Hurwitz Papers, 1890s-1980s

Abstract: Esther Hurwitz (1902-1976) founded Irving's first public library. She was an active advocate for progress in the Irving area and Dallas County. The collection centers around the operation of the library, 1930s-1960s. Correspondence, financial records, library records, board meeting minutes, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs.

Donor: Esther Hurwitz and the Irving Public Library

Size: 2 ft. (4 boxes)

Collection 36 (PDF) - Darr Equipment Company Records, 1954-2002

Abstract: Darr Equipment Company was a Caterpillar diesel tractor dealership for north and east Texas and parts of Oklahoma with their headquarters in Irving, Texas. Company history files, employee development and customer service program files, company publications, photos, artifacts.

Donor: Darr Equipment Company

Size: 4.5 ft. (10 boxes)

Collection 37 (PDF) - COI-CD-Map Collection 1

Abstract: Maps created or accumulated by the city of Irving Department of Community Development pertaining to various city development projects, 1950s-1990s.

Donor: City of Irving, Department of Community Development

Size: 7 ft. (14 boxes, 18 folders, and mounted maps)

Collection 38 (PDF) - P.E.O. Chapter CN Records, 1951-2006

Abstract: P.E.O. is a worldwide sorority, founded in 1869, dedicated to providing higher education opportunities for women. The Irving P. E. O. Chapter CN, Irving's original chapter, was organized in 1951. Scrapbooks, minutes, treasurer's reports.

Donor: P. E. O. Chapter CN

Size: 2.25 ft. (9 boxes)

Collection 39 - Plat Maps from Tax Department

Abstract: Dallas County abstract maps and plat maps used by the City of Irving Tax Department, 1950s-1970s.

Donor: City of Irving - Tax Department

Size: 12 ft. (36 boxes)

Collection 40 (PDF) - Elise and Adolphe Walker Collection, 1920s-1990s

Abstract: Elise Vitz Walker taught in the Irving public school system from the early 1930s until she retired in 1976. She married Adolphe Walker, a native Irvingite, in 1932. Material collected by Elise Walker during her life and teaching career. Material related to the Walker family, Irving schools, current events and general topics, newspaper articles, and photographs.

Donor: Anna Walker Kirkland

Size: 0.6 ft. (1 box, 2 newspaper folders)

Collection 41 (PDF) - Arthur and Sissy Casey Collection, 1920s-1970s

Abstract: Arthur Casey and Lucille "Sissy" Dorety Casey were longtime teachers and administrators in the Irving public school system. Irving High School drill team, "Toy Tigers," scrapbooks, uniforms, and photographs; school class photos; family material, WWII military uniform, high school letter sweater.

Donor: Arthur and Sissy Casey

Size: 1.5 ft. (6 boxes)

Collection 42 (PDF) - Caldwell Family Collection, 1910s-2001

Abstract: C. P. Caldwell came to Irving in 1921 and opened an insurance agency. He married Pauline Arnold that same year. Caldwell was elected to three terms as mayor of Irving during the late 1930s and early 1940s. Caldwell died suddenly in 1942. Pauline Caldwell ran the insurance agency until she retired in the mid-1970s. Family documents, photographs.

Donor: Nancy Caldwell Tracy Size 1.25 inches (1 box)

Collection 43 (PDF) - Roberts Family Collection, 1900-1990s

Abstract: The Dr. John Roberts and Etta Williams Roberts family dates to Irving's earliest days. Roberts was one of the area's early day physicians. John Roberts died in 1915 at the age of 35. Etta was left to run a boarding house and raise the couple's three sons. Their second son, Joe, became a prominent doctor in Irving. Newspaper clippings, photographs.

Donor: Jill Roberts McClung

Size: 1.25 inches (1 box)

Collection 44 (PDF) - Haley/Littlepage Family Collection, 1880s-1980s

Abstract: The Haley and Littlepage families were pioneers to Dallas County arriving during the 1850s and 1870s respectively. A third pioneer family associated with the collection is the Joffre family . The Joffres arrived in Dallas County in 1872. All three families have long histories in Irving and Dallas County. The collection pertains primarily to Lee Littlepage and his wife Bertha Joffre Littlepage. It also provides information on the Tom Haley farm, which was located in today's northwest Irving and owned by the Haley family from the 1850s until the 1960s. Real estate documents, family estate records, tax records, banking records, personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, Victorian era business cards, pamphlets and directories, ledger books, high school memory book from 1915, and artifacts.

Donor: Jean Haley Wilson

Size: 2 ft. (2 boxes and flat items)

Collection 45 (PDF) - Hinton Family Papers, 1890-1994

Abstract: The Hinton family came to the Irving area in 1910. They operated a general store in Irving and later in the Twin Wells community. The collection provides insight into life in Irving and the surrounding area during the early part of the twentieth century. Business records, Irving schools material, correspondence, newspaper clippings, real estate records, photographs.

Donor: H. P. Hinton, Jr.

Size: 7 inches (2 boxes and oversize items)

Collection 46 (PDF) - Looper Family Collection, 1890s-1970s

Abstract: Lorene Lucas was born in Irving in 1909. Her father owned a business on Main St. from 1904-1931. In 1936, she married Arthur Looper, another early Irvingite. Lorene kept detailed scrapbooks documenting her life growing up in Irving during the late 1910s to the early 1930s. She continued to keep scrapbooks for her entire life. Scrapbooks, newspapers, school documents, photographs, publications, artifacts.

Donor: Larry and Joel Looper

Size: 3 ft. (10 boxes)

Collection 47 (PDF) - The Jim Johnson City of Irving Police and Court Building Construction File, 1963-1965

Abstract: Material compiled by Irving Police Department Assistant Police Chief Jim Johnson on the design and construction of the Irving Police and Courts Building, 1963-1965.

Donor: Jim Johnson Size 2.5 inches (1 box)

Collection 48 (PDF) - The Phillip Reid Collection, 1954-1976

Abstract: Phillip Reid was president of Irving Bank & Trust from 1954 until he retired in 1975. The collection provides information on Irving Bank & Trust Co., which was Irving's first bank and only bank for five decades. It also provides information on three of its long-time officers, Phillip Reid, John Brandenburg, and R. N. Pittman. Scrapbooks, city directory, map, plaque.

Donor: Alice Reid Chambers

Size: 0.5 ft. (1 box)

Collection 49 (PDF) - The Mike Howard Papers, 1977-1998

Abstract: Mike Howard was a long-time administrator with the Dallas County Community College District, 1970s-1990s. He also served two terms on the Irving city council, 1981-1985. Howard also produced a newsletter and a newspaper opinion column critiquing local politics, 1970s-1990s. He self-published a book relating to the Texas Sesquicentennial. Local election campaign mailers, city council material, Chamber of Commerce material, North Lake College material, Rotary Club material, newsletters, news columns, book production files, photographs, artifacts.

Donor: Mike Howard

Size: 3.5 ft. (7 boxes and oversize items)

Collection 50 (PDF) - Haley/Miller Family Collection, 1870s-1990s

Abstract: The Haley family came to northwest Dallas County during the 1850s. Chaney Miller moved to Irving in 1904. Miller's granddaughter married Frank Haley. The collection contains material relating to the Haley and Miller families. Chaney Miller operated Irving State Bank and a general store on Main St. He served three terms as Irving's mayor during the late 1910s and mid-1920s. Miller was also justice of the peace from 1929-1940. Material relating to the families' histories, land records, photographs.

Donor: Sue Haley Huffman

Size: 0.2 ft. (1 box)

Collection 51 (PDF) - Irving Independent School District Council of P.T.A.s Records, 1954-2003

Abstract: The Irving Independence School District Council of P.T.A.s, originally the Irving City Council of P.T.A.s, was established in 1954. The council coordinates the activities of the individual school P.T.A.s. Scrapbooks; minutes; yearbooks; and artifacts.

Donor: Irving Independent School District Council of P.T.A.s

Size: 8 ft. (10 boxes and oversize items)

Collection 52 (PDF) - Union Bower School P.T.A. Scrapbooks, 1949-1963

Abstract: Union Bower was an unincorporated community located east of Irving, Texas. The community established a school in 1891. For many years it was funded by members of the community. Later it became part of the Dallas County Common School District. The Union Bower School P.T.A was organized in 1936. The school was taken in by the Irving Independent School District in 1963. Scrapbooks.

Donor: Irving Independent School District Council of P.T.A.s

Size: 1 ft. (1 box)

Collection 53 (PDF) - Sam Akins Collection, 1965-2000

Abstract: Sam Akins was the manager of the Irving branch of Dallas Federal Savings and Loan when it opened in 1966. He was also on the local Bicentennial committee, which planned events in Irving in celebration of the U. S. Bicentennial, 1976. Newspaper clippings, photographs, and correspondence related to the construction and grand opening of the Irving branch of Dallas Federal Savings and Loan. Photographs, planning documents, newspaper clippings related to the activities of the local Bicentennial committee. Newspaper issues relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Donor: Sam Akins

Size: 2 ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 54 (PDF) - Earlie Mae Wheeler Collection, 1949-1986

Abstract: Earlie Mae Wheeler was a long-time teacher at Trinity Farms, a large corporate farm adjacent to Irving, and in the African-American community of Bear Creek. Photographs, correspondence, brief biography, oral history tapes.

Donor: Catie Morgan

Size: 3 inches (1 box)

Collection 55 (PDF) - John Morris Collection, Irving Teacher Walkout Material, 1951-1960

Abstract: In early 1955, the Irving School Board fired the school superintendent, when the board refused to give their reasons for the firing, most of the teachers and other school district employees walked off the job in support of the superintendent. The walkout created a bitter rift in the community. Newspaper clippings, school board campaign material.

Donor: John Morris

Size: 3 inches (1 box and space in the Newspaper Cabinet)

Collection 56 (PDF) - Martha Jo Lucas Watson Collection, 1936-1986

Abstract: Matha Lucas Watson, a native Irvingite, attended Irving schools during the 1930s and 1940s. School activity scrapbook, Irving High School newspapers, programs, invitations, school annuals, garden club material.

Donor: Martha Watson

Size: 1 ft. (2 boxes and space in the bookcase)

Collection 57 (PDF) - United Community Candidates Collection, 1957

Abstract: The United Community Candidates was a slate of mayoral and city council candidates selected by a group of local businessmen to run in the Irving municipal election of 1957. Advertisements, newspaper articles, campaign cards, meeting minutes, election returns.

Donor: Robert Nelson

Size: 3 inches (1 box and space in the Newspaper Cabinet)

Collection 58 (PDF) - Irving Grandmothers Club #706 Records, 1964-1989

Abstract: The Irving Grandmothers Club was established in 1964 and was given charter number 706 by the National Federation of Grandmothers Clubs of America. Meeting minutes, yearbooks, membership applications, correspondence.

Donor: Catie Morgan

Size: 6 inches (1 box)

Collection 59 (PDF) - Eleanor Corry Bell Collection, 1900-2006

Abstract: Eleanor Corry Bell moved with her family to Irving in 1940. She attended Irving schools during the 1940s and early-1950s. Her mother, Augusta Corry, was employed at Irving State Bank (Irving Bank & Trust) from the 1940s-1970s. Eleanor married Joe Bell and the two raised a family in Irving. Irving schools related material, 1940s to the early-1950s and 1970s-1980s; family photos, Irving State Bank artifacts, Irving Women's Bowling Association records and artifacts, publications relating to major events of the second half of the twentieth century.

Donor: Eleanor Corry Bell

Size: 4 ft. (11 boxes)

Collection 60 (PDF) - Beavers Family Collection, 1879-1998 (bulk 1940-1968)

Abstract: Jerry Justus Beavers and Bob Beavers attended the Irving schools during the 1930s and 1940s. Both graduated from Irving High School. They were married in 1949. Their children attended the Irving schools and also graduated from Irving High School during the 1960s and 1970s. Irving High School related material, 1940s and 1960s-1970s, family photos and digital images, 1900-1970s; First Methodist Church related material, 1950s-1980s.

Donor: Jerry Beavers

Size: 2 ft. (3 boxes and space in the Flat File Cabinet)

Collection 61 (PDF): Rogers and Barbara Revier Collection, 1943-1980

Abstract: The collection, consisting primarily of Irving school-related material, reflects the life of a young person in Irving during the 1940s and 1950s. This is a period of time when Irving was still a small farming town, but was beginning to transform into a rapidly growing suburb of Dallas. Irving High School class of 1951 material, general school material, Irving State Bank items, personal real estate documents, newspaper clippings and publications, artifacts.

Donor: Rogers and Barbara Revier

Size: 1 ft. (3 boxes, map collection, and space in the yearbook bookcase)

Collection 62 (PDF): Roy Ricker Collection, 1870-1966

Abstract: Roy Ricker attended Irving schools during the 1920s. He married Hilda Klingbeil and worked as a groundskeeper at Cedar Crest Golf Club prior to joining the military during WWII. After the war he was a home builder in the Irving area. In 1966, he went to work for the Irving Independent School District as the building trades instructor. He retired in 1978. Irving High School letter sweaters, 1928 and 1929, photos of Irving High School football and basketball teams, class photos, and pep squad, 1925-1930, directory, 1938, plaque 1966.

Donor: Roy Ricker

Size: 8 inches (2 boxes)

Collection 63 (PDF): Britain Family Collection, 1890-1992

Abstract: The Britain family came to northwest Dallas County in 1859. They settled in an area that would later become the eastern part of the city of Irving. Henry W. Britain sold the original 80 acres of land to town founders Schulze and Brown on which they established the town of Irving in 1903. His son Lee Britain served on the Irving Independent School District Board of Trustees for two decades. Family photos, 1890-1970s, newspaper clippings, Irving High School letter sweaters, 1930 and 1932, Britain and Murphy family genealogical material.

Donor: Juanita Britain

Size: 1 ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 64 (PDF): Central Elementary School P.T.A. Scrapbooks, 1936-1965

Abstract: The Irving Schools P.T.A., that included all grade levels, was formed for the 1930-31 school year. In 1937-38, a separate High School P.T.A. was formed. As the school district grew, so did the number of elementary schools and in 1950-51 individual P.T.A.s were formed for each of them. Central Elementary P.T.A. was one of these. In 1965, Central Elementary was renamed Lee Britain Elementary. Central Elementary P.T.A. ceased to exist and the Lee Britain Elementary P.T.A. took its place. Scrapbooks, four volumes, 1936-1950; 1950-1959; 1959-1962; 1962-1965.

Donor: Lee Britain Elementary P.T.A.

Size: 1 ft. (1 box)

Collection 65: (PDF) Juanita Davis Brooks Collection, 1949-1960s

Abstract: Juanita Davis Brooks was raised in Irving and attended Irving schools, 1930s-1951. The collection consists of Irving-related items and four digital images. Irving High School drill team uniform and spirit shirt, 1950; Irving Bank & Trust cash bag, late-1960s; Irving Theater and 183 Drive-in movie schedule, 1954; school binder, 1951; Irving telephone directories, c. 1949 and 1957; and four digital images, 1930-1951.

Donor: Juanita Davis Brooks

Size: 0.5 ft. (2 boxes)

Collection 66 (PDF): Edgar Brown Estelle Community Collection, 1908-2007

Abstract: Edgar Brown was raised in the Estelle community and attended the Estelle School during the 1920s and 1930s. The Estelle community evolved from farms scattered on Henry Burgoon's 1853 land grant. The community was located in what today is western Irving. Much of the old community land is now part of DFW Airport property. The collection consists of material created and collected by Edgar Brown to document the history of the community. Hand-drawn maps; correspondence; photographs.

Donor: Edgar Brown

Size: 3 inches (½-manuscript box)

Collection 67 (PDF): Irving Symphony Orchestra Collection, 1962-2001

Abstract: The Irving Symphony Orchestra was established in 1962 with local, volunteer musicians. As the symphony matured it began employing professional musicians. In its early days, the orchestra performance in the local high school auditorium. Today its home is the Carpenter Performance Hall in the Irving Arts Center. The collection consists primarily of scrapbooks, 1960s-1990s.

Donor: Irving Symphony League

Size: 4.5 linear ft. (8 boxes)

Collection 68 (PDF): Brown Family Collection, 1893-1982

Abstract: Otis Brown was the co-founder and first mayor of Irving, Texas. Lynn Brown was his youngest son and was mayor of Irving from 1959-1967. The collection is made up of material relating to Otis and Netta Brown's and Kay and Lynn Brown's lives in Irving political and social life. Correspondence, real estate records, personal documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, artifacts.

Donor: Kay Brown

Size: 8 inches (2 boxes)

Collection 69 (PDF): Doris Hamilton Caster Collection, 1880s-1980s

Abstract: The Caster family were pioneers in northwest Dallas County. Edmond Caster married Cora Haley, who was also a member of a local pioneer family. Personal papers, photographs, newspaper clippings relating to members of the Haley and Caster families and other early area residents, small medical instruments used by Dr. John Haley, c. 1910. John Haley was one of the first doctor's in the area.

Donor: Doris Hamilton Caster

Size: 10 inches (2 boxes)

Collection 70 (PDF): Irving Bank & Trust Co. Photo Collection, 1946-1972

Abstract: Irving Bank & Trust began as Merchants and Planters Bank in 1906. It was chartered in 1908 as Irving State Bank and became Irving Bank & Trust Co. in 1962. The photos in this collection are of bank employees, bank events, and the bank's buildings, 1950s-1970s. Also included are newspaper clippings and advertisements relating to the bank, 1950s-1970s.

Donor: Lee Wilcox

Size: 5 inches

Collection 71 (PDF): Marge Parrish Irving Heritage Society Collection, 1964-1991 (bulk 1985-1987)

Abstract: Marge Parrish was a founding member of the Irving Heritage Society, 1978. She served as president of the group, 1985-1987. During her terms as president, the organization took part in the creation of Heritage Park and the placing of a railroad depot and Caster Cabin in the park. The Heritage Society also sponsored the writing of an Irving history book, Irving a Texas Odyssey, while Mrs. Parrish was president of the organization. Her husband Morris served on the Irving city council, 1991-1994 and was Irving's mayor, 1995-1999. Heritage Society correspondence, 1985-1987; material related to the renovation of the Brown/Parrish house; material related to the development of Heritage Park; newspaper clippings; photographs.

Donor: Marge and Morris Parrish

Size: 8 inches

Collection 72 (PDF): Clara Gibbs' Irving Heritage Society Papers, 1978-1997

Abstract: Clara Gibbs moved to Irving with her husband Chet in 1936. She taught at Irving High School and worked with her husband in his Real Estate business. In 1978, Mrs. Gibbs became a charter member of the Irving Heritage Society. The Irving Heritage Society is concerned with operating the Heritage House, a early 20th century house museum, and other local history undertakings. Lists of volunteer docents for the Heritage House and docent scripts, 1978; invitations; local committee of the U.S. Bicentennial Commission material, 1974-76; Heritage Society newsletters 1979-1997; newspaper clippings, bulk 1975.

Donor: Estate of Clara Gibbs

Size: 2.5 inches

Collection 73 (PDF): Irving Heritage Society Collection, 1975-2011 (bulk 1978-1991)

Abstract: The Irving Heritage Society was founded in 1978 with the primary task of caring for the Heritage House. The house was owned by one of the town's founding families and was donated to the city of Irving as a Bicentennial gift by the family heirs. Through the years the Irving Heritage Society has been involved with local historic preservation programs; marking historical sites; and other local history projects. Meeting minutes and agenda; treasures reports; correspondence; newsletters; project files; event files; photographs; artifacts; scrapbooks; newspaper clippings.

Donor: Irving Heritage Society

Size: 12 ft. (16 boxes)

Collection 74: (PDF) Wood Family Collection, 1880-1970s (bulk 1910-1960)

Abstract: This collection is comprised of a wide variety of documents and artifacts related to the lives of three northwest Dallas County pioneer and longtime Irving area families: Barton, Tompkins, and Wood who came to the area between the 1850s and 1870s. The materials date from the 1880s to the 1970s. The individuals that are the primary focus of the collection are: Irene (Barton) Wood and Erlin Wood, Chestermae (Tompkins) Wood and Howard Wood and their son Leslie. Photos; documents; scrapbooks; and small artifacts that provide a glimpse into, not only the lives of these families, but into school events; social gatherings; military life; and business life of area residents during, primarily, the first half of the 20th Century.

Donor: Patti Wood Finkel

Size: 5 in. (1 flat box)

Collection 75: (PDF) Lively/Mitchell Family Collection, 1844-1986 (bulk 1860-1940)

Abstract: This collection contains material relating to four Irving-area pioneer families: Lively, Mitchell, Sowers, and Clark. They were related through marriage and adoption. Materials include personal correspondence; poems, songs and stories written by family members; real estate documents; bank records; photographs; and artifacts.

Donor: Billy Mitchell

Size: 2.4 linear ft. (6 boxes)

Collection 76 (PDF): Junior Irving Book Review Club Records (1953-2013)

Abstract: The Junior Book Review Club was founded in 1953 as the Irving Public Library Junior Book Review Club. It was open to women up to 30 years of age. It is no longer sponsored by the library and the age restriction has been removed. The group meets once a month to listen to a presenter review a book. Minutes, scrapbooks, financial records, yearbooks.

Donor: Junior Book Review Club

Size: 1 ft. 2 in. (4 boxes)

Collection 77 (PDF): Carolyn Jeter Kelly Collection, 1944-1971 (bulk 1948-1967)

Abstract: Carolyn Jeter was born in Irving in 1934 and attended and taught in Irving schools. The collection is made up of material relating to a students life in Irving during the 1940s and a young adults life in Irving, 1950s-1960s. Photographs; documents; and artifacts.

Donor: Carolyn Jeter Kelly

Size: 1 ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 78: (PDF) Irving Jaycee-ette Records, 1961-1968

Abstract: A support group made up of the wives of members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce also referred to as the Jaycees. The Irving Jaycee-ettes was formed in 1954. The organization helped out at Jaycee sponsored functions in town such as swim meets, dances, and clothing drives. Minutes; member guide; scrapbook.

Donor: Carolyn Jeter Kelley

Size: 0.75 linear ft. (3 boxes)

Collection 79: (PDF) Irving High School PTA Scrapbooks, 1963-1972

Abstract: In 1912 a group of about a dozen women formed a mother's club to help with school activities. This group was known as the "Merry Matrons." In 1930-31 the group formalized and became a part of the county, state, and national P.T.A. A separate High School P.T.A. was formed in 1937-38. The scrapbooks in this collection cover the activities of the Irving High School P.T.A. from 1963-1986. Scrapbooks, photo albums.

Donor: Irving High School

Size: 1.17 linear ft. (4 boxes)

Collection 80: (PDF) Irving High School Scrapbooks, 1969-70 and 1985-86

Abstract: The 1969-70 scrapbook covers the covers the campus activities that occurred during that school year. The 1985-86 scrapbook covers the activities of the year's student council. Scrapbooks.

Donor: Irving High School

Size: 10 inches (2 boxes) 

Collection 81: (PDF) City Secretary's Office: Irving Celebrations Collection, 1964-1986

Abstract: This collection of files from the Office of the City Secretary of the City of Irving relates to preparation and execution of various city celebrations. The celebrations documented in the collection are: Irving's Golden Year the 50th anniversary of incorporation, 1964; the U.S. Bicentennial as celebrated in Irving, 1976; Irving's Diamond Jubilee the celebration of Irving's 75th anniversary, 1978; and the Texas Sesquicentennial as celebrated in Irving, 1986. Planning documents; promotional material; photographs; newspaper clippings; correspondence; budgets; meeting minutes; artifacts.

Donor: Office of the City Secretary

Size: 10 inches (2 boxes) 

Collection 82: (PDF) Irving Historical Museum Collection, 1975-1981

Abstract: As part of the U.S. Bicentennial celebration the city of Irving established a municipal museum. The museum opened in a rented store front in 1975. It was operated by volunteers for two years. Irving's Bicentennial Commission was dissolved in 1977. Plans were considered to pass operation of the museum to the city but the plan was never finalized and the museum ceased operation in 1981. Operation documents; attendance books; textile artifacts; publications.

Donor: Office of the City Secretary

Size: 2 linear ft. 

Collection 83: (PDF) Jim Parks Collection, 1971-1986 (bulk 1971-1974)

Abstract: Jim Parks was an Irving developer who established Parks Realty and Construction Co. in 1947. He ran for Irving city council in 1971, 1972 and 1974. The material in this collection relates to his campaigns for a seat on the city council. Campaign mailers, cards; expense reports; petitions to get on the ballot; responses to questionnaires; newspaper clippings; correspondence.

Donor: Jim Parks

Size: 0.5 linear ft.

Collection 84: (PDF) Patti Kidd Collection, 1997-2003

Abstract: Patti Kidd wrote a book entitled Our Town, Irving which tells the history of several of the houses in Irving's Heritage District. The collection consists of research material she collected while researching the book. Land deeds; tax information; interviews; notes; work schedule; obituaries; drafts of the book; completed book.

Donor: Patti Kidd

Size: 1 linear ft. 

Collection 85: (PDF) Irving Genealogical Society Collection, 1991-2005

Abstract: The Irving Genealogical Society was chartered in 1991 for the purpose of promoting genealogical research. The organization folded in 2005. Included are newsletters, correspondence, bylaws and scrapbooks.

Donor: Irving Genealogical Society

Size: 1.1 linear ft.

Collection 86: (PDF) Yellow Rose AMBUCS Collection, 1990-2010

Abstract: AMBUCS is a charitable organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities. The Irving women's chapter, Yellow Rose, was chartered in 1990 and was absorbed by the Irving AMBUCS in 2010. The collection includes photographs, scrapbooks, award patches, and banners.

Donor: Yellow Rose AMBUCS

Size: 3.2 linear ft.

Collection 87: (PDF) John Boyle Texas Stadium Files, 1960-1992

Abstract: John Boyle served as Irving City Attorney and later represented the Texas Stadium Corporation. Material relates to the financing and construction of Texas Stadium, 1966-1970, and the campaign to sell alcoholic beverages throughout the stadium, 1989-1991. Court cases; newspaper clippings; advertisements; publicity material; cost estimates; essential agreements; contracts; traffic; and land leases.

Donor: John Boyle

Size: 2.9 linear ft.

Collection 88: (PDF) Irving Garden and Arts Center Collection, 1955-2013

Abstract: The Irving Garden and Arts Center was a clubhouse built in 1958 by the local garden clubs for each club's use. The Irving Council of Garden Clubs was formed to manage the building for the various clubs. The city took over management of the building in 1992. It is available for public use. Scrapbooks, 1956-2006; minute books, 1958-1998; and financial records, 1955-2013.

Donor: Irving Garden and Arts Center

Size: 4.25 linear ft. 

Collection 89: (PDF) Irving Garden Club Collection, 1934-1996

Abstract: The Irving Garden Club was established in 1934 as Irving's first social club for women. The club hosted gardening talks and flower shows and supported public parks and other civic programs. The Irving Garden Club ceased operation in 1998. Scrapbooks, news clippings, photographs, minutes and business records, information on the Irving Council of Garden Clubs

Donor: Irving Garden Club

Size: 1.4 linear ft.

Collection 90: (PDF) Steve Hillier - City of Irving Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Collection, 1969-2002

Abstract: Steve Hillier was a member of the Irving Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Parks People of Irving organization. Information regarding the activities of the Parks Board during his time as a member also information on a private organization that supported the Parks Dept., The Parks People of Irving. Information on Twin Wells Golf Course, North Lake Park, Heritage Park, Bear Creek, West Park, Trinity View Softball Complex and Parks People of Irving projects.

Donor: Steve Hillier

Size: 8 inches

Collection 91: (PDF) Morris Parrish Collection, 1941-2000 (bulk 1964-2000)

Abstract: Morris Parrish was the Senior Administrator of the Irving Community Hospital. He also served on the Irving city council and two terms as mayor of Irving. He was a strong advocate for public art and public transportation. Healthcare administration files, Chamber of Commerce material, city council and mayor files, photographs, artifacts.

Donor: Morris Parrish

Size: 11.2 linear ft. 

Collection 92: (PDF) Joseph Rice Collection, 1918-1996 (bulk 1985-1989)

Abstract: Joe Rice, a local historian, wrote the book Irving: A Texas Odyssey a book about IrviÇng' s history and served as chairman of the local Texas Sesquicentennial committee. Research material related to local history put together by Joe Rice or given to Joe Rice by other researchers. Also, material related to the activities of the local Texas Sesquicentennial committee, especially regarding the arrival of the Texas Wagon Train in Irving.

Donor: Joseph Rice

Size: 10 inches 

Collection 93: (PDF) First Christian Church of Irving Collection, 1939-2004

Abstract: History of First Christian Church of Irving (Disciples of Christ). Church records, photographs, news clippings, artifacts.

Donor: First Christian Church of Irving (Disciples of Christ)

Size: 3.6 linear ft.


Abstract: History of First Presbyterian Church of Irving. Founded in 1934. Closed 2009. Speeches, bulletins and orders of service; membership records; choir information, church building information.

Donor: First Presbyterian Church of Irving

Size: 1.25 linear ft.


Abstract: St. Luke Catholic Church opened in 1902. The parish built its first church in 1903. A new church was built to accommodate the growing congregation in 1928. During Irving's period of suburbanization a still larger church was built in 1953. St. Luke Catholic School opened in 1955. The school grew along with the city during the 1950s-1960s. At its height the school had about 600 students. In 2016, with a student population of 125, St. Luke School closed and its studu the school

Donor: St. Luke School

Size: 10.5 linear ft.


Abstract: Rosemarie Goldammer was born in Lauban, Germany in 1922. She studied ballet and performed with professional dance troupes. In 1954 she fled East Germany for West Germany. She lived there for two years before moving to :Irving, Texas, to teach at the Legate School of Ballet owned by her friend from Germany, Jurgen Pagels. She opened her own dance studio, The Young Dancers Studio of Ballet in Irving. She operated the school into the 2000s.

Donor: Estate of Rosemarie Goldammer

Size:7 linear ft.