The City of Irving's Code Enforcement Department is dedicated to improving the quality and standard of living for all multifamily housing residents, including apartments, fourplexes, manufactured homes, and hotels and motels. Multifamily Code Enforcement Inspectors achieve this by educating the public about the City of Irving's codes and ordinances, in addition to enforcing them.

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  1. Multifamily Complex Ratings

    Every multifamily complex in Irving is inspected annually and given a risk rating based on the condition of the property, age, infrastructure, etc. Risk rating score information is available upon request by calling (972) 721-4829.

    The rating scale is: 

    1. Above Average
    2. Average
    3. Below Average
    4. Unacceptable

    Since 2012, the City of Irving has no "Unacceptable" rated properties. The majority of the city's multifamily complexes are rated "Above Average” or “Average.”