Records Custodian / Records Management Officer

The City Secretary's Office is responsible for the care and maintenance of all City of Irving records. This office houses all legal transactions, City Council minutes, agendas, deeds, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and a vast array of other historical and regulatory information.


The city secretary is designated as the city's records management officer by both state law and city ordinance. The secretary's records responsibilities include:

  • Developing and administering a record retention and destruction policy
  • Monitoring the records storage centers
  • Overseeing the control of electronically stored records
  • Upgrading technology to provide for efficient and economic storage of records

Contact Us

  1. Shanae Jennings

    City Secretary | Chief Compliance Office

    City Hall
    825 W. Irving Blvd.
    Irving, TX 75060

    Phone: (972) 721-2493
    Fax: (972) 721-2384