Humane Live Traps

Available for Loan

Irving Animal Services has humane traps available for Irving residents and businesses to borrow. 

The traps are available to use for two weeks, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Raccoon in a humane live trap

How Does a Humane Trap Work?

A humane trap is a cage with a door on one end which can be lifted up and set in place with a small hook. The door is connected to a flat metal trip plate on the bottom of the trap.

The trap is baited by placing food at the back of the trap, past the trip plate. When an animal enters the trap, the weight of its paw on the trip plate triggers the door to shut behind it. The trip plate is far enough away from the door so that the animal is not harmed.

Trap Instructions

The Animal Services Trap Agreement outlines proper use of the trap and provides information on how to notify Animal Services once an animal is trapped. Whether you use your own trap or you borrow one from Animal Services, you must follow trapping requirements.

Download the Animal Services Trap Agreement (PDF).

If you would like additional information or a demonstration of how to set or trip the trap, you are welcome to stop by the Animal Care Campus to talk to one of our Animal Services staff members.