Irving School Class Photos

Shown in this display is a sample of the Irving School class photos housed in the Irving Archives. This exhibit consists of 74 images from between the years 1912 through 1950. The Irving Archives holds more than 1,000 class photos from the past 100 years of education in the Irving Independent School District. Most of the photos were donated to the Irving Archives by individuals. A few were donated by particular schools.

The Irving Independent School District (IISD) was established in 1909. The district's first school building was a two-story wooden structure that had originally been the school building of the Lively Common School District. In 1913, the IISD constructed a three-story brick school building adjacent to the old wooden building. The wooden building was sold and the lumber carted off.

From 1909 to 1948, all of Irving's schools were located on a five-acre campus bounded by Second Street to the north, Jefferson Street to the west, Fourth Street to the south and Delaware Street to the east. A separate high school building was built next to the red brick building about 1930. In 1936, a new high school building opened on the south end of the campus, and the 1930 building became the junior high school. In 1948, high school students began attending school at a new high school building located a few blocks from the main campus. This was the first school building not located on the original campus area. An elementary school remained open on the original campus site until 1961.

Also among the Irving Archives school class photos are pictures of the student bodies from some of the common school district schools in the area that predated the founding and growth of the city of Irving. These include the Elm School, Estelle School, Union Bower School, Sowers School and Sowers School #2 (Bear Creek).

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