Help with Databases

Solutions For Database Access Problems

Those experiencing problems when trying to access a database from a remote location (home, work, school, etc.) might try the following solutions:

  • Press the Enter Key after typing in the user's library card number rather than clicking on the Login button.
  • Clear the browser’s cache.
  • Make sure to access the database through the library's databases page, instead of bookmarking the database page itself.
  • Those using Internet Explorer as their browse can go to Tools, Internet Options, Security and set as a “trusted site.”
  • Disable or reconfigure the firewall or security software.
  • Disable any Web “accelerator” (EV1 WebJet, Earthlink Accelerator, NetZero HiSpeed, etc.).
  • Those receiving a Real Download error message can reconfigure or disable that part of Real Download.
  • America Online (AOL) users should try accessing the database in a separate browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, etc.).
  • Problems with some databases have been reported by customers using Internet Explorer 9.
  • Still experiencing problems? Call the library at (972) 721-2606.