Early Childhood

The first five years of life are filled with milestones and discovery. Although kindergarten is years away for a baby, parents and caregivers can lay the foundations for learning early in life. Simple activities such as talking to your child, drawing pictures, reading stories, singing songs, and playing games together can make a big difference in preparing your child for school.

Each of our four library locations have programs, books and resources for parents of young children to learn, laugh and explore.

Storytime programs are offered throughout the week to introduce babies, toddlers and preschoolers to stories, songs and activities that enrich through language and movement. The program schedule is below.

Reading to a young child every day will grow their minds and vocabularies, preparing them for school. Our reading program 1KB4K (1,000 Books Before Kindergarten) encourages families to read at home every day and easily track your children's achievements with a 1KB4K reading log.

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The Discovery Zone

Young children and parents have a special space built just for them at the South Irving Library. The Discovery Zone, found inside the second floor Kid's Zone, is for exploring, with learning centers that include construction toys, puzzles, a kitchenette, and a writing center. Caregivers will find a wealth of information about local family agencies, parenting books, and the library's collection of picture and board books.

The South Irving Library offers Discover with Me, a five week caregiver-child interactive play program with hands-on activities and opportunities to informally meet with local child experts in the areas of literacy and play, nutrition, language development, safety and child development. Call (972) 721-2458 for more information about the next series.

Storytime Schedule

Storytime Schedule beginning Fall 2021

10 Reasons to Attend Storytime Programs

  1. Our class develops a pattern of reading that will continue through school and into adulthood.

  2. It enhances a child’s listening skills.
  3. It introduces a child to a wide variety of experiences.
  4. It helps prepare a child for learning to read.
  5. It broadens a child’s vocabulary.
  1. It improves and enriches the quality of a child’s life.
  2. It helps a child to do well in school.
  3. It provides fun and enjoyment.
  4. It introduces a child to art through illustrations.
  5. It provides inspiration through words.