Business Resources

Whether it's a small business or major corporation, the City of Irving offers a favorable business environment to support an organization's success and growth.

Irving's Economic Development Department has embarked on an initiative to redevelop Irving's Small Business Program to support the creation, retention and expansion of small businesses within Irving. 

By engaging with small businesses and other local stakeholders to better understand their needs, the city will develop and implement an initiative that may include financial resources and other tools to promote the small business economy.

Hispanic man stands with arms folded in front of a coffee bar.

Guiding the Initiative

To track staff’s progress, visit the Strategic Planning Dashboard.

  • Step 1: Engage with Small Businesses  In Progress
    • Focus groups, surveys, continuous feedback loop to hear needs of business community
  • Step 2: Create Industry Partnership In Progress
    • Engage with local chambers & business resource organizations (Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), etc.)
  • Step 3: Review/Survey Potential Resources
    • Survey cities for types of small business assistance (tools and funding)
  • Step 4: Develop Programs to assist in creation, retention & expansion of small business
    • Program, whether financial or other, targeted to small business community
  • Step 5: Promote & Monitor Programs
    • Create an assessment to measure efficacy of programs and adapt to changing needs of small business community