Convenience Store Standards

New guidelines were approved by the City of Irving in 2008 for convenience stores to increase safety measures for residents, customers and store employees. The guidelines are intended to address the following:

C-Store Pic
  • Nearly half of all business robberies occur at convenience stores. 
  • Suspects leave little evidence, reducing the possibility of arrests. 
  • An unsafe environment exists for employees and customers. 
  • Stores are easy targets without proper prevention measures. 

The guidelines require specific safety features, including but not limited to this list:

  • An alarm system and panic button installed; alarm system permit also required.
  • Surveillance cameras that capture the images of the store's interior and exterior.
  • Bolting requirements for ATMs.
  • An unobstructed view of the cash register and customers.
  • A trespass affidavit, which authorizes police to enforce trespass laws on the store's behalf.
  • Safety training for all employees (part- and full-time).
  • A drop safe installed and bolted to the slab.

For the complete ordinance with all requirements, view City of Irving Ordinance No. 9012.

All of Irving's 120-plus convenience stores are required to comply with the requirements at all times. Equipment requirements have been in place since November 2008. 

Paperwork and Examples  

Robbery Prevention Training

Training classes for convenience store owners and employees is available in an online format. To complete the online safety training course and test, email Zach Ramirez for more information.