Stalker SAM Speed Trailer

In order to ensure a safe flow of traffic through Irving, a number of tools are used by the Irving Police Department to assist with deployment of officers to the areas of concern. One of those tools is the Stalker SAM Trailer.

When a resident contacts the police department with a speeding concern, the information is forwarded to the traffic section, which deploys one of the three trailers to the location of concern. The trailer is left at the location for about a week during which time the trailer will collect the speed of vehicles traveling on the road.

The data is analyzed and a report is generated listing the location of the trailer, number of vehicles that traveled on the road and their speed, the average speed of vehicles, number of vehicles traveling 11 miles per hour (mph) or more than the speed limit, and the total percentage of vehicles traveling over 11 mph. Based on the information collected, officers are deployed to the areas of greatest concern. View the latest report (PDF).

To request a speed trailer, call (972) 721-7840. Prior to calling please review the latest report in order to ensure that a speed trailer has not been deployed at the location within the last 18 months. If a trailer was recently deployed at the location but there has been a significant change in the roadway (construction adding lanes or roads), the location will be placed on the list.

Speed Trailer