Teen Jams


It has been a priority for the Irving Parks and Recreation Department to offer teens in the community a fun and safe place to recreate and socialize free of charge. The Irving City Council has also realized the importance of offering such a function, and they have generously endorsed the Teen Jam Program since 1994.

The goal of the Jam Program is to offer Irving teens a place to socialize, communicate and entertain themselves that is affordable, yet safe and supervised. Offered on the second and fourth Saturday of each month, the Jam Program attracts an average of 50 to 100 participants to various city recreation centers, offering activities such as dancing, basketball, dominoes, video games and volleyball. During the summer months, the Teen Splash Jams rotate to different aquatic facilities and swimming is available free of charge. Complimentary food (typically pizza or other snacks) and soft drinks are provided at each event as well.

The Jam Program is a truly innovative and exciting offering that the City of Irving Parks and Recreation Department started to give teens a place to safely socialize, compete and learn with each other.

Entry Requirements

Currently, teens ages 12-18 are admitted free to the Teen Jams. However, all participants must be enrolled in middle or high school and are required to show a valid Irving Parks and Recreation (IPAR) Department identification card, or school identification (ID).

To qualify for an IPAR ID card, participants must show proof that they live in, or go to school in Irving. A valid drivers license or Irving school ID can be used as proof of residency.

Guests who are attending a Jam function from out of town must be accompanied by a city resident who has a IPAR ID card.

Jam Rules of Conduct

  1. No alcoholic beverages, smoking or chewing tobacco allowed at the event.
  2. No fighting, profanity, excessive arguing or abusive language allowed.
  3. Once you leave the facility you’re not allowed back in.
  4. Inappropriate apparel (bandannas, obscene t-shirts) will not be allowed.
  5. Disrespect to city employees, volunteers and/or participants will not be tolerated.

Jam Safety

Safety of the Jam participants is the number one concern to staff. To ensure that each Teen Jam is safe for all of the participants and staff, an Irving Police Officer is in attendance at each function. Plenty of staff members are also scheduled to provide supervision, help enforce the rules and coordinate activities throughout the evening. It is vitally important that supervision is in place and that the rules are adhered to by all participants.