Spirited Youth Awards

Four Irving teens chosen for the Spirited Youth Award pose with two members of the Youth Council.The Irving Spirited Youth Award seeks to recognize Irving youth for excellence in community service and character.

The Irving Spirited Youth Award was first awarded in 2002. At that time, the Irving Youth Council wanted to recognize youth in the community that go that extra mile to make a difference.

This award was initially given out once a year during the annual Teen Talent competition at the Irving Arts Center. It is now awarded on a quarterly basis and presented by the mayor prior to a City Council meeting. All four recipients are then invited to attend the City’s annual teen talent competition (Irving’s Got Talent) where the "Spirited Youth of the Year" recipient is announced.

Anyone can nominate a deserving teen for the award at any time during the year. Forms can be submitted in one of two ways:

  1. Complete the Online Nomination Form (submit via Web)
  2. Download the Nomination Form (PDF), fill it out and return it to the Lively Pointe Youth Center staff, by mail, fax, or in person.

Congratulations to Previous Winners

  • 2019– Chacity Joiner-Wildridge, Naveena Sujith, Jaylen WIlliams, Ivan Moreno 
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2019 – Jaylen Williams
  • 2018– German Andrade, Giselle Valdez, Steve Lomeli, Jorge Cornejo
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2018 – Jorge Cornejo
  • 2017– Nilisha Gajera, Emely Guevara, Yasmin Fayz, Abhishek Mohan
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2017 – Abhishek Mohan
  • 2016– Sonia Lopez, Roxana Quintanilla Velasquez, Davyani Srivastava, Aashritha Ananthula
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2016 – Sonia Lopez
  • 2015– Tatiana Hernandez, Mikaela Jauregui, Peyton Arkadie, Kelsey Lucey
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2015 – Kelsey Lucey
  • 2014– Madison Fox, Martin Nguyen, Katie Wallach, Adriana Martin del Campo
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2014 – Madison Fox
  • 2013– Carolina Juarez, Joey Cabello, Marcelino Alfaro, Melissa Hernandez
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2013 – Melissa Hernandez
  • 2012– Taylor Anderson, Ericka Castillo, Hasan Yaqub, Chris Alexander, Shruthi Alladi, Natasha Dangol, Saul Membreno, Israel Cuellar-Vargas
    • Spirited Youth of the Year 2012 – Chris Alexander and Saul Membreno
  • 2011 – Rebecca Anglin, Karen Bautista, Joe Dougherty, Itzel Madrigal, Randi Ponikiewski
  • 2010 – Edwin Arevalo, Jonathan Cavey, Veronica Hernandez, Deanna Johnson, Kayla Kirby, Jacque Smith
  • 2009 – Susan Almasri, Duc Cao, Genesis Sanchez, Sudhish Srikanth, Moryma Steele
  • 2008 – Linett Arevalo, Joseph Ryan, Suruchi Srikanth
  • 2007 – Shanta Ball, Sara Fowler, Claire Gutowski
  • 2006 – Hannah Bereuter, Alexandrya Holley, Pinky Patel, Daniel Svoboda, Tre Turner
  • 2005 – Suruchi Srikanth
  • 2004 – Snoben Kuruvila, Tasia Milton, Andrea Torres, Jodi West, Amy Yu
  • 2003 – Meaghan Casey, Kelly Crawford, Natasha DeMarco, Sara Fowler, Jennifer Grant, Dagan Lavee, Afsha Merchant
  • 2002 – Isam Abousaid, Amy Bishop, Teylor Brown, Amanda Dulworth, Nick Elliott, Brittni Jessie, Oscar Jessie, Mary Lam, Gabriela Madrigal, Amber Nyer, S.T.E.P.S. Kid Care Club, Cassie Shrum, Susan Stark, Sarah Vrla, Alejandra Zamarripa