Specialty Programs

Irving Fire Department Honor Guard members prepare to present flags as part of the city's Indepen

Honor Guard

For more than twenty years, the Irving Fire Department has been proud of all the members of its Honor Guard. Adhering the most cherished and honored traditions of fire service protocols, these active duty firefighters perform the tasks of funerals, parades, retirements, and other events with practiced military precision and the pride born of years of dedication.

As ambassadors to the Fire Service Family, the activities of the Irving Fire Department Honor Guard include, but are not limited to, marching in parades, ceremonial services, memorial services, opening ceremonies for conferences and city events. As members of the North Texas Honor Guard Society, the Guard has proudly represented the City of Irving and the Irving Fire Department at numerous events, memorials and funerals across the Metroplex and the State.

Our primary goal is to provide a memorable tribute to the Families of our fallen active or retired Firefighters, with a commitment to excellence in a respectful and military manner.

Chaplain/Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

Firefighters help everyone else, but who helps them? They comfort victims and their families when they come to their rescue, but who comforts them after all they see and hear? If a fireman gets hurt or loses their life saving someone else's, who comforts and helps their families get through the situation? The CHAPLAIN.

A Chaplain is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) to help his fellow firefighters through counseling and prayer when they need it the most.

Certified Fitness Coordinators (CFCs)

Trained firefighters, certified to improve and maintain the overall health and fitness of all fire personnel to assure they are providing the highest level of service to the community.