Urban Gardening

Planting and seeing the result of your garden work can be a joyous experience. But there can be many trials and tribulations along the way, such as weather issues and pests. Plus, let’s admit it, growing in the Texas summer heat (which can start in April), can be a challenge.

This section provides information about gardening in the urban setting and resources for further study and practice.

Gardening 101: Getting Started

According to the About Home website, there are basic steps to starting a garden:

  1. Start Small
  2. Time to Plant
  3. Check the Soil
  4. Prepare the Bed
  5. Choose Plants
  6. Planting
  7. Mulching
  8. Label Your Plants
  9. Maintain
  10. Enjoy!

GardenPlace your garden where you'll see and enjoy it often. This will also motivate you to garden more.

If you have your heart set on growing a specific plant, check to see what growing conditions it requires. Vegetables will need at least six hours of sun exposure a day. The same goes for most flowering plants; however, there are still many to choose from for a partially shaded site.

If you want to start a garden where there is mostly shade, your choices are going to be more limited, but not prohibitive.