Maintain Your Rain Barrel System

There's more to a rain barrel system than building it. We've collected some tips and resources here to help you get the most of your rain barrel system.

  1. Locating Your System
  2. Prevent Mosquitos
  3. Companion Barrels
  4. Be Creative
  5. Maintain the System
  6. More Complex Systems
  7. Tax Incentives
  • It’s important to be considerate of those around you when determining the best place to position your rain collection unit. It is preferable to place the collection unit in the back of your house and preferably screened. Screening can be done using shrubs and other plants or with a structure, such as an enclosure. If located on the side or front of your home, the collection must be screened.
  • Be sure to elevate the rain barrel to maximize gravity flow. A height of 2.5 feet is sufficient.
  • Place the collection unit near plants and near or at the end of downspouts.
  • Build concave planted areas to allow rainwater to percolate slowly into the soil.