Community Gardens

Community Gardens in Irving:

Gerald Taylor Memorial Community Garden, 2700 Finley Road. 

Established in 2012, the Gerald Taylor Memorial Community Garden currently has 29 raised beds for adoption, as well as a children’s garden and herb garden. They offer a variety of classes ranging from organics in gardening, to composting, to proper irrigation. Garden plots are available, but on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees may apply.

For more information, contact Ezella Causey via email or by phone at (972) 693-3566.

Community gardens have been defined as “any piece of land, public or private located at a school, church, hospital, or part of a neighborhood association/homeowners association where plants are grown and maintained by a group of individuals, for the benefit of the community. Community gardens may produce food for individual consumption or donation to local food banks.”

There are many benefits to community gardens including serving as outdoor educational centers; increasing a sense of community and ownership; bringing people together from diverse backgrounds; helping to build community leaders; teaching and learning about local foods; and providing access to nutritionally rich foods.

Community gardens are located throughout the DFW area, including the City of Irving.

How can the City of Irving help you establish your community garden?

The city serves as an informational resource and can provide educational materials about topics related to composting, mulch, organic gardening, and effective water management. The city also provides online resources through the city’s Think Green ... Be Green website.

Irving supports community gardening efforts by helping to connect local gardens to each other to help build relationships and encourage the sharing of information and experiences.