City Manager Focus Areas

As Irving’s City Manager, I have the opportunity to meet with many people and organizations throughout the community to gain insight on issues, challenges and opportunities facing the city. The thoughts and ideas that are shared help shape my plan to build and sustain a city government that continually delivers a positive and meaningful outcome for Irving residents, businesses and visitors. These conversations help determine the priorities for our organization each year, and I would like to share with you the city’s current focus areas.

Economic Development

Verizon’s $1 billion Hidden Ridge mixed-use development includes 150 acres next to the company’s existing offices. The site will include the new Hidden Ridge at Carpenter Ranch DART station, as well as residential, hotel and retail components. The city will be working with the Hidden Ridge development team, in tandem with DART, as they begin construction and see this important project through to a successful completion.

Moreover, Irving will finalize plans for the 16-acre mixed-use NorthShore development along Lake Carolyn. This 17-acre tract of land is strategically situated between the Irving Convention Center and a new DART Orange Line station. It is also conveniently adjacent to the Toyota Music Factory.

City Infrastructure

In response to the resident survey results, infrastructure is a major focus during the next several years, and the city has set aside the funding equivalent to one-half cent of ad valorem taxes ($1.1 million) in Non-Bond Capital Improvement Program dedicated to fund additional street projects and/or bonding capacity. Now in Year Three of the Road to the Future plan, the result is $60 million out of $100 million invested in the city’s streets over five years, and it will be accomplished without raising the tax rate.

Another critical component of the city’s infrastructure is its streetscape, greenspace and trail projects, designed to improve the quality of life for residents, visitors, businesses and their employees. Everyone will be able to enjoy these amenities soon in Irving:

Here are other notable projects that are in the Design Phase:

Projects on the horizon for Irving include:

  • Improve and increase recycling within the City of Irving.
  • Complete the Water Distribution System Master Plan Project.

A Safe and Secure City

The City of Irving is committed to providing residents, visitors, businesses and their employees with a safe and secure city. This year, the city looks forward to completing construction on the new Fire Station 4 and the Fire vehicle storage facility.

Other projects include:

Long-Term Financial Sustainability

The financial decisions made today have a broad and lasting effect over the next decade and beyond. The city will continue to focus on strengthening Irving’s financial legacy through implementation of the city’s Long-Term Strategic Plan. Developing and implementing long-term funding strategies for economic development and infrastructure projects is a key cornerstone of that plan. Practicing wise financial stewardship, developing sound financial policies, and the maintenance of our Aaa bond rating (the highest rating possible) will ensure the city receives the highest return on your tax dollars.

Chris Hillman
City Manager
Irving, Texas