Wireless Printing

Wireless printing allows customers the ability to send a print job to the library over the internet. This page explains the process. 

Have questions? Contact the library by phone or the library’s online chat.


Remotely print documents, web pages, emails and attachments at any Irving Library locations through the PrinterOn.com website or with the PrinterOn free Apple IOS or Android app.

After sending a print job from your smartphone, tablet or PC, visit the library you selected from either the PrinterOn website or app. At the print release station, type your email address and your print jobs appear on the screen. You can also view print jobs before printing with the print release station Preview feature.

View this handy infographic or download the PDF for detailed instructions about Wireless printing.

No library card is required. Cost to print per page is $0.20 for black and white, $0.50 for color. Wireless printing is available from the time the library opens to 30 minutes before closing.

Devices supported include Windows, Mac/iOs, Android and Blackberry. Some restrictions to printing may apply due to the device and the file format. As with all copy and printing services, the Irving Public Library does not provide refunds.

Get started by visiting your library printer at one of the following PrinterOn web links or send the attachment to the email address below for the location you’d like to pick up the print out:

South Irving Library - https://www.printeron.net/ipl/southlibrary or
South Email: (Black and White) iplsbw@printspots.com or (Color) iplsc@printspots.com

Valley Ranch Library - https://www.printeron.net/ipl/valleyranchlibrary
Valley Ranch Email: (Black and White) iplvrbw@printspots.com or (Color) iplvrc@printspots.com

West Irving Library - https://www.printeron.net/ipl/westirvinglibrary
West Email: (Black and White) iplwbw@printspots.com or (Color) iplwc@printspots.com