The City of Irving wants to help residents take the guesswork out of watering their lawns. Water My Yard, a new program from the Water Utilities department, lets residents and businesses know exactly how much – and how often – to water their lawns through a weekly email.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to set up an account, which will send weekly updates with the exact amount of time needed to water lawns each week, based on recent weather conditions.

To register, visit Water My Yard, choose the City of Irving, select a location from the map, and enter the precipitation rate for a sprinkler system or hose-fed sprinkler. Residents and business owners who don’t know the precipitation rate can calculate it by answering a few questions about their type of sprinkler system or conducting a catch-can test. If that test cannot be completed to achieve the greatest accuracy, use the number 0.75, which was determined using an oscillating sprinkler. Then, click on “Sign Up for Weekly Email” to begin receiving an email with watering recommendations.

Participants may be pleasantly surprised to learn keeping their landscapes healthy might actually require less water than they think, which translates into lower water utility bills and helps ensure water is available for domestic use, sanitation and fire protection. For more information, call (972) 721-2281.