Rules of Decorum

Rules of Decorum for the Municipal Court of Irving, Texas

Preamble: The Irving Municipal Court is a municipal court of record and is governed by the Constitution and laws of the United States, and of the State of Texas.

In order to show respect, dignify the court and facilitate justice, the following rules of decorum shall be applicable to matters heard in the Municipal Court in Irving, Texas.

  1. The Court requires that everyone interacting with court personnel in an official capacity to conduct themselves respectfully.
  2. Address the Judge as “Judge” or “His or Her Honor”/”Your Honor”, or “Yes Sir/Ma’am” or “No Sir/Ma’am” during proceedings.
  3. No weapons are allowed in the courthouse in accordance with Texas law.
  4. Proper attire must be worn for courtroom appearances, e.g. no clothing indicating gang affiliation or showing offensive, vulgar, racist or obscene language is allowed. Underwear must not be exposed. Please remove hats, caps, and sunglasses not required by a prescription etc. before entering the courtroom. An exception is any headwear that is of religious significance.
  5. All cellular phones and other electronic devices shall be turned off before entering the courtroom. No video or audio recording is allowed in the courtroom.
  6. No food, drinks, gum or tobacco products are allowed in the courtroom during court proceedings, including snuff or e-cigarettes.
  7. Offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist or obscene language is prohibited.
  8. There will be no defacing of court property anywhere within the courthouse. Violators will be prosecuted.
  9. The court discourages bringing small children to court appearances; however, should they appear, they must remain under constant parental supervision.
  10. No one may talk while the Judge is on the bench unless directed to do so by the judge or by court personnel.
  11. Any conduct that expresses approval or disapproval of any testimony, statement, or court transaction is not respectful and will not be allowed in the courtroom.
  12. Reading by nonparticipants in court proceedings shall not be permitted in the courtroom if it causes noise or other distractions.
  13. Persons shall remain seated in the courtroom unless the Judge is taking or leaving the bench.
  14. No one shall approach the bench unless directed to do so by the Judge or having received the Judge’s permission to approach the bench. Persons will not lean on the counter in front of the Judge’s bench.
  15. Dockets shall begin promptly at the scheduled times. All parties must arrive on time to court proceedings. Late parties will be counted absent.
  16. All pleas shall be in writing, except those entered in open court. A fine payment will reflect a plea of “No Contest” as allowed by law. Telephone calls DO NOT constitute a court appearance.