Irving Family Advocacy Center (FAC)

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The Irving Family Advocacy Center (FAC) functions in partnership with the City of Irving to provide free counseling services to the city’s youth and families.

The bulk of its operating budget comes from the City of Irving. Additionally, the nonprofit corporation, Irving Family Advocacy Center Inc., raises funds through fundraisers and grant programs to help maximize its reach to Irving residents.

These services include case management services and counseling for individuals, families, couples and groups. The center brings services and agencies designed to respond to the needs of Irving families and victims of crime in our community under one roof. The center offers services without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression/reassignment, or any other status protected by national, federal, state or local laws.

In addition, the Dallas County District Attorney operates a satellite office at the Irving FAC; this office assists victims with obtaining protective orders.

The Irving FAC offers free counseling services for victims of crime, domestic violence and families with high-risk juveniles in family, couple or individual therapy settings, as well as education classes. Group counseling and education classes are offered for parenting, overcoming domestic violence, trauma from crime victimization, child abuse and others. Play therapy counseling is provided for children victimized by abuse or witness to domestic violence.

Additionally, the FAC offers education classes for First and Subsequent Offender programs to juveniles referred by the police and Teen Court. Referrals for all services come from the schools, police officers, Child Protective Services, Irving Police Dept. Victim’s Services, domestic violence shelters, other agencies, and concerned family members.