Crime Victim Services

The FAC’s Victim Services Unit is responsible for providing services to victims of violent crime. This includes notifying victims of their rights, answering victims’ questions, explaining the justice process and making them aware of the support services that are available to victims.

The FAC staff is available to provide information in Spanish about our services for victims.  Please call (972) 721-6560. 

Contamos con personal disponible para proveer información en español acerca de servicios para victimas. Favor de llamar al (972) 721-6560. 

The Victim Services Unit contacts victims of violent crimes with the goal of reducing the short- and long-term effects of the trauma experienced as a result of the crime by providing information and/or services related to:

In addition, resource referrals can be made to meet the immediate needs of crime victims such as food, clothing and shelter.

Victim services staff coordinate with investigators, social service agencies, school districts, the district attorney’s office and local coalitions to ensure that victims receive updated information and referrals to meet their needs.


The FAC Victim Services staff strives to maintain the most current information on legislation and resources to help crime victims. Staff participate in local coalitions to connect with other agencies and stay up-to-date on resources including:

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Coalition
  • Latinos Against Domestic Violence
  • Crime Victims Council of Dallas County
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Coalition
  • Law Enforcement Victim Assistance
  • Victim Rights