Counseling Services

Support Group

We serve Irving families who have experienced domestic violence, are victims of crime and who have juvenile offenders in their homes. Depending upon the number of interns on staff, we can sometimes extend our services to families who are having relationship difficulties and children who have behavioral problems at school.

However, Irving FAC Counseling Services is not a crisis intervention facility. Our team does not serve individuals who are psychiatrically unstable, including those experiencing psychotic symptoms (active hallucinations, delusions); major depressive disorder with vegetative symptoms; severe autism spectrum disorder; active suicidal thinking with intent, means and plan; who are violent offenders; or impaired by current drug or alcohol abuse.

Please note: The FAC's Counseling Services Department is not a walk-in clinic; those seeking services can come in to complete an application and make an appointment. Patients need an appointment, which could be several weeks out. Any problem that cannot wait for several weeks cannot be addressed by our services.

We see families and individuals with the intent of providing assessment and intervention. Our facility does not evaluate individuals for the sole purpose of assessing their competence to return to work or school. However, for clients who are involved in ongoing services and are returning to work or school following a session, we are happy to provide a note stating the day and time of their appointment.