Case Management

The Victim Services Unit offers internship opportunities to high school, undergraduate and graduate students who desire to learn about working with victims of violent crime.

Most interns are working on degree plans in the areas of criminal justice, social work or psychology.

Psychological counsel

Our interns learn:

  • How criminal cases are processed.
  • About civil law and how it affects domestic violence victims.
  • How to work with victims of violent crime.
  • About the crisis intervention model.
  • How to advocate on behalf of crime victims.
  • How to work with community agencies to obtain appropriate services for clients.
  • About Crime Victim’s Compensation, Protective Orders, Victim Rights and Safety Planning.

Intern Duties

  • Make contact with crime victims on the phone, by mail or in person.
  • Crisis counseling with crime victims.
  • Work with investigators on criminal cases.
  • Meet with advocates from the District Attorney’s office.
  • Visit local domestic violence shelter.
  • Ride out with police officers.
  • Process Crime Victim Compensation Claims.
  • Educate and assist clients with Emergency and Permanent Protective Orders.
  • Attend court hearing pertaining to a client’s criminal case or protective order.
  • Talk to family members and friends about helping victims deal with trauma.
  • Attend educational seminars on domestic violence.
  • Attend community planning meetings.

If you are interested in securing an internship with the Victim Services Unit, please fill out the Intern Agreement Form and schedule an interview by email Heather Koval or by calling (972) 721-6550.