Group Counseling

The Irving FAC offers free counseling services for victims of crime, domestic violence and families with high-risk juveniles in family, couple or individual therapy settings, as well as education classes. Group counseling and education classes are offered for parenting, anger management, overcoming domestic violence, trauma from crime victimization, child abuse and others. Play therapy counseling is provided for children victimized by abuse or witness to domestic violence.

The FAC offers counseling through these groups:

Parenting Group: Clients meet with a group facilitator for eight to 12 weekly sessions to learn various parenting techniques and have an opportunity to process how this information might be applied in their families. Parents have stated that hearing others share about dynamics within their families help them know they are not alone and they feel supported.

Anger Management: During eight to 12 weekly sessions, clients will be better able to cope with life’s stressors. They will learn coping mechanisms and how to express their anger in healthy ways.

Overcoming Domestic Violence: Clients who think they may be experiencing some type of domestic violence – such as emotional, verbal, physical or sexual – attend this group for eight to 12 weekly sessions. After learning about the Cycle of Violence, The Power and Control Wheel and Red Flags in Relationships, they can make more informed decisions about their safety.

 Children’s Domestic Violence Group: While parents are attending the group for adults, children ages six to 12 can participate in activities designed to help them express their feelings in effective ways. They are given opportunities to safely discuss their emotions and explore healthy coping mechanisms.