Youth Council


The purpose of the Youth Council is to develop an alliance among the youth, youth servicing agencies, city government, schools, and the community to secure for all children and youth the highest advantage in physical, mental, social and moral development and to advise on how to solve the problems encountered in providing services to the youth in the community. 



Members 2020-21

The board consists of seven Irving residents.

PositionMembersTerm Ends
Place 1Jeana RodriguesNov. 2021
Place 3Donyan RogersNov. 2021
Place 5Jasmine BrazileNov. 2021
Place 7Nancy MyersNov. 2021
Place 2David RettingerNov. 2022
Place 4Gary SchepfNov. 2022
Place 6Juwan GillespieNov. 2022