Convention and Visitors Bureau Board


A department of the City of Irving, the Convention and Visitors Bureau reports to the board of directors appointed by the Irving City Council annually in November. The board of directors makes recommendations to the council about convention facilities, assists with attracting visitors to the city, and hires the executive director. It is a policy-making board.


  • Meets the fourth Monday of each month at 11:45 a.m.
  • An announced Irving location


Members, 2021-22

The Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau Board (ICVB) is composed of a 25-member board of directors consisting of 13 voting members and 12 nonvoting members, three of which are ex officio members.

Voting Members

Nine of the voting members shall not be employed, nor own an interest in, the hospitality or tourism industry. Voting members also consist of:
  • 1 voting member is the current chair of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Hotel Association
  • 1 voting member is a representative of the Irving hotel / motel industry
  • 1 member is a representative of the hospitality industry at-large (although not restricted to the hotel / motel industry)
  • 1 member is a representative of the restaurant industry
Representing Member 
  Term Ends
Place 1     Resident Karen Cooperstein                   Nov 2023
Place 2 Resident Michael Basoco       Nov 2022
Place 3 Resident Colvin Gibson       Nov 2023
Place 4 Resident Richard Stewart        Nov. 2022
Place 5 Resident Robert Bourgeois 
       Nov. 2023
Place 6   Resident Yasir Arafat               Nov. 2022
Place 7 Resident Sam Reed           Nov. 2023
Place 8 Resident William  Mahoney              Nov. 2022
Place 9 Resident Herbert Gears        Nov. 2023
Place 10 Hotel/Motel Industry Vacant        Nov. 2022
Place 11 Industry at Large Julia Kang        Nov. 2023
Place 12 Hotel Association Chair Greg Malcolm        Nov. 2022
Place 13 Restaurant Industry David Cole        Nov. 2023               

NonVoting Members

Nonvoting members are representatives from the following industries:
  • 2 from the hospitality industry
  • 1 from the Industry at Large
  • 1 from the Las Colinas Association
  • 1 from the University of Dallas
  • 1 member of the TIF No. 1 Board
  • 1 member from the DCURD Board
  • 1 representative from the Salesmanship Club of Dallas 
  • 1 is a former ICVB board member
  • Executive Director of the Irving Arts and Culture Center
  • Chair of the Irving Arts and Culture Board

Representing Member
Place 1, Hospitality  Kim Limon 
Las Colinas Association Hammond Perot
TIF No. 1 Board Michael Randall
Industry At-Large
Stephanie Fenley Garcia
Place 2, Hospitality Nydia Hoskins
Industry At-Large Vacant
University of Dallas Clare Venegas
DCURD Dallas Burke
Former ICVB Member Joe Philipp
Arts and Culture Executive Director Todd Hawkins
Arts and Culture Board Chair Kim Andres

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  • Chris Hillman, Irving City Manager
  • John Nicks, Chair, Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce
  • Beth Bowman, President and CEO, Greater Irving-Las Colinas